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Dark Matter Holograms

Dark Matter Holograms are something that I’ve been working with for several years, with amazing results. Dark Matter is the original energy of creation that is still unformed; it hasn’t been given a pattern yet. It is not the energy of chaos or of creation. It is simply elemental potential in it’s rawest state. I

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Living Your Life Purpose

Hi, this is your morning wake up call. If you are a Depression Baby you have at most a decade left to you in this life. If you are a Baby Boomer you have between twenty-five and thirty-two years left; check the actuarial tables for the correct fit. You Gen-X’rs have a bit more time,

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Surviving the Current Economic Crisis

“Andrea’s” office is laying off employees; they are in their second round of layoffs and she is so worried that she isn’t sleeping well at night. She hasn’t been getting along well with her new supervisor, and she thinks he may cut her position. “Michael”, a consulting attorney, has seen his business drop precipitously. He

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Arthritis, Back and Neck Pain, and Insomnia

Back and neck pain, Insomnia and arthritis. What do the issues have in common? These are the most common reasons people go to medical doctors for treatment. Their second commonality is that they often stubbornly resist conventional treatment. Their third common denominator is that these are almost always energy issues and respond dramatically to energy

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Healing From Chronic Injury With Direct Energy Field Effect (DEFE)

Chronic injury is defined as a persistent, long term pain or impairment from an old injury which didn’t heal properly. An example of this would be an old whiplash injury which years later is causing pain and numbness on one or both sides of the body. The body has held the original injury as a

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Environmental Energy Pollution and your body

I’ve wanted to write about this issue for some time now. Recently a client case presented which represents this issue in a such a dramatic way that it just begged to be written up. We are now surrounded by EMF (electromagnetic frequency waves) from our technology every waking and sleeping minute of our lives. Every

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