Allergy Season Treatments and Cures



Mandy was increasing reacting to nuts. She had never had a nut allergy before, but suddenly every time she ate nuts her throat was closing up and it was difficult to breath. I looked at her new allergy, and I said, “You can’t leave that. It’s dangerous. That allergic reaction to all nuts has to come out now.”

Sneezing? Rashes? It’s allergy season once again, and thanks to the warmer and earlier Spring we’ve been having in recent years the pollen season is severe. You’ve noticed that all of those flowers are blooming at once. The grasses are coming to a head earlier. The tree pollen is coating your cars and window sills. And you might be scratching, have a shorter temper, and using a lot of tissues to wipe your nose.

There are some things that can make allergy season a lot easier. The most common remedy is to use an over-the-counter antihistamine. Claritin used to be prescription-only, but proved to be so safe and effective that it was made available as an over-the-counter drug available in any drug store. The generic version, Loratadine, is essentially the same and less expensive. The best way to take these is to take one at bedtime. You’ll want to use these for a brief period though, because Claritin/Loratadine does have some serious side effects with prolonged use. Common side effects are fatigue and disruption of sleep, dry mouth and dry eyes.

Remedies that don’t have side effects are vitamin D, 5000 units a day (particularly effective for hives according to a recent study from UC Davis). And vitamin A, 20,000 units a day is healing for many allergy sufferers. Most people also have some respite from symptoms from eating a teaspoon of raw local honey once or twice a day to cure allergic response. Stinging Nettles or Butterburr herbal capsules also work for many people to reduce the severity of symptoms. Some people find relief from homeopathic remedies such as Aconitum. Supplements that help the liver to function, such as NAC and Boswellia have proven to be very helpful to some allergy sufferers.

The best, most immediate, and longest lasting allergy treatment is to release the energy that is causing the allergic response. All allergies are energy blocks, emotional matrices where the body has connected a threat to a stimulus. When the matrix is released that substance no longer causes a physical reaction. Techniques that use physical stimulation to release the emotional energy matrices are Network Chiropractic and Bowen work. These techniques work well on new patterns and surface patterns. For an older or deeper pattern you need an energy worker who can move energy fields with their spirit body, a form of psychokinesis. An experienced energy worker who has psychokinesis can strip out almost any allergy. They can also tremendously reduce the reactions to even life threatening allergies such as nut reactions.

The concept of having your allergy patterns “energetically” removed might be an odd one to entertain. It’s particularly difficult to believe when the energy worker is treating you at a distance via your phone. With all techniques, physical or energetic, the truth of it is in the results.

Within minutes the sneezing, aching, and irritation of the offending allergy is gone. The sinus cavities drain and the previously stopped up nose is clear. The liver, which is enlarged and inflamed with allergic reaction, reduces back to normal size. The shoulders release down as the smaller liver lets the ribs drop down into their correct placement. The body becomes cool and non irritated. Headaches and muscle pains release. Hives and rashes visibly retreat while you watch.

Mandy released her mysterious nut allergies in a few sessions and hasn’t been bothered by them since. We’ll never know why her allergies suddenly appeared, as mature onset nut allergies are rare. Her mother died at her relatively young age, possibly as a result of sudden onset nut allergies. This is something that Mandy will never have to worry about in her own body. Those allergies are gone and will likely never return.