Angelic Energy Healing

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angelic energy

I have a new gift to offer you, the gift of healing with angelic energy. Every year, Heaven gives me a new ability. Last year it was the ability to heal spinal discs and to remove spinal stenosis. This year the new ability is to change long lasting patterns of behavior and beliefs.  I’m not taking credit for this shift, as it is angelic energy of Spirit. You do not have to have faith or believe in angels to receive this work.


Everything that you experience in your life, from relationships to money flow, to health or illness, begins with your energy pattern. If you want anything to change then the underlying pattern has to change first. The problem is that our patterns are extremely set and solid. We arrive into this world, newborn, with ancient patterns already set into place. As we grow, we emulate the patterns of our parents and family. We acquire scars and defenses during our life that shape the expression of our patterns. We use the same set of responses and make similar choices over and over, until our patterns are hardened and difficult to shift. To change a persistent pattern, then, requires an enormous influx of new energy. Angelic energy.

Energy comes in many forms, but you can already sense that pouring raw energy into a pattern would simply blow it up. When I’m working on my own in an energy center that has a blockage, it’s a very fine art to remove the scars and blocking energy while leaving the center undisturbed. I maintain a fine, delicate flow of energy that gently teases out the old energy that’s now useless and releases it. This creates impressive change, and usually this is all of the change that a person can accept and adapt to. However, I have always wanted some enormous, blow-the-socks-off energy for shifting chronic or toxic patterns immediately. Something patterned into order that would heal both body and spirit immediately.

This new angelic energy is different. I was told to gather up dark matter in the Universe and give it to Heaven to transform into the Order that is the hallmark of all life on Earth. The angels work with that matter. I make a request on behalf of my client for the change that they want. Then I open my client to receive. After a while, the angels begin to pour down carefully sculpted new patterns. Sometimes these are simple and large patterns. Sometimes they are multiple small patterns that fit into the energy paths of the body one by one to create a new harmonious functioning. As this new energy pours in, dark old energy is lifted out and I release that from their system.

angelic energy

My client experiences tremendous heat, because the energy of Heaven is the fire of creation. This heat usually lasts several days. They also experience bliss as the angelic energy moves out in rippling circles. The experience is intense and unmistakably the work of Heaven.

With this new gift from Spirit I’ve seen some remarkable shifting of old and stuck habits in my clients. I’ve seen chronic conditions that were already improving with my work accelerate, healing issues of the body, mind, and spirit that had been in place for decades.

Truly, in Heaven and upon Earth all things are possible.