Arthritis, Back and Neck Pain, and Insomnia

Back and neck pain, Insomnia and arthritis. What do the issues have in common? These are the most common reasons people go to medical doctors for treatment. Their second commonality is that they often stubbornly resist conventional treatment. Their third common denominator is that these are almost always energy issues and respond dramatically to energy treatment.


Arthritis is usually stuck , or blocked, energy in the body. Many times this energy does not belong to the owner of the body, but is absorbed or projected from another person. It’s not their own energy and they can’t move it or shape it. It’s not their creation and without the proper codes they can’t shift this energy at all. What are the proper codes, and why does this energy need shifting? All energy in your body is coded from the originating source.
When I’m working inside a client’s body, the very first thing I do is learn them. I learn their essence until I know it’s shape, flavor and texture and could pick it out of every essence on the face of the earth, because every essence is unique. I learn all of their essence and hold this in a special place of Divine love. This gives them safety and security so that we can go into their deepest fears or most sensitive scars. Then I scan the energy field, looking for anomalies, energy that doesn’t “read right” within the body. This energy is destructive because it’s not part of their life plan. Their body can’t use the energy but the alien coding can send out conflicting messages and block desired energy pathways. Energy has mass and weight, much like air does when it is compacted. Arthritis is the result of energy blockages and conflict with these undesirable codes. The body has created an allergic response to the codes and the invading energy.

When I work with arthritis sufferers, the next place I search is their own file of “agreements”. I usually find agreements in there to absorb conflict into their own body. I also find agreements to suffer. This may sound like an odd thing to agree to, but if a parent “suffered” in their life the child will also when they are adult. Often I have to go into childhood subconscious patterns where they absorbed parental conflict to keep the home happy. I change these agreements to a more neutral ground and then my client and I discuss what a healthy agreement would look like. When they have chosen a desired agreement, I put it into place. This alters the patterns of all of their energy, and so there is more to do to balance and reinforce healthy agreements. Then I sweep the energy body for alien coding, energy which is not theirs. I read and neutralize the code and release the trapped energy from my clients body, replacing it with the love and light of God.

This can happen in one session or many, depending upon how many agreements are in place and how deep they are placed into the subconscious strata. The last phase, which always takes reinforcement to be permanent, is to create boundaries inside the aura against absorbing unwanted energy. When the boundary is sufficient the physical allergic and stress response which created inflammation of the tissues is no longer needed, and can be released. Allergies to animals, foods and environment can also be released. Most but not all arthritis responds dramatically to energy modification in the first session. If there is not a dramatic response, I look deeper into the subconscious mind to discover why it must keep this condition. There is always a reason, often illogical. If the reason is logical, my client may keep the arthritis for a while as we search for ways to let the body meet it’s needs without pain.

Back and Neck Pain
Some of the issues with back and neck pain are similar to arthritis, but I began with arthritis because it is the simplest to explain. Each part of the back has it’s own issues and language of needs, agreements and vulnerabilities. The entire body has a pattern which causes the body to twist and displace the spine. The statistic for back and neck pain is that half of all people in the United Sates have a chronic painful condition at any given time. That’s a lot of suffering and pain. The most common cause of back and neck pain will surprise you; it is energy vampirism. Someone you know believes that they need your energy and support, and they will take what they need. When energy is removed from your spine that area physically contracts and this is painful. The area may try to protect itself by twisting the spine “closed” and swelling. When the spinal area is cleared of taps, sealed, and filled then the back pops back into place on its’ own and the pain instantly stops. Remember though, that energy vampirism is not the only cause of back pain, only the most common. Scientific research studies show that as many as 50% of the people that you know have a tendency to take energy from others when they feel needy. Twenty percent of those people know they’re doing this and choose not to stop. Ten percent of that twenty take energy very consciously and they’re proficient at the process. For the others, 30%, it is unconscious. Think of that statistic….50% of all Americans suffer from back pain, 50% of everyone that you know taps into the spine of others to take their energy. That’s not exactly the matching picture that it appears to be. The two can often be the same, I’ve seen many habitual back pain sufferers who are also regular energy vampires. Their unconscious belief is that they give themselves selflessly to others so others should fill them up. Their usual statement energetically into your body is “You owe me!” The classic profile of the habitual unconscious psychic feeder is that they are needy, empty, or chronically ill themselves.

Many people experience back pain when they are care-giving to a sick or elderly relative. Personally, I’m always wary of anyone over 75 until I can read what their survival strategy is. All too often it’s to take the energies of others. Sensitive people have naturally light auras and they may have as many as ten people habitually sucking on them. This can lead to sleeplessness, a physical response both to the energy drain as the body supercharges to produce the needed energy and to the fact that they are most vulnerable to psychic draining when they are asleep. This is you if you wake up tired and aching. Your cure is to have better agreements and shields implanted into you and to do daily energetic strengthening exercises. I’ve separated many adults from agreements with a parent who put in a birth agreement that their purpose on earth was to support the parent energetically. I’ve even seen agreements implanted in which the primary relationship was to the parents! Take note of that if you’re single and keep dating the wrong person. You might be responding to unconscious messages. And speaking of unconscious messages, the damage from people psychically tapping into your energy accumulates. Energy tapping is energy exchange. The physics equation of energy states is that they must balance. The person tapping into and draining you is replacing your yummy energy with the disgusting dross they don’t want. No wonder the spine hurts. My agenda in these issues is to protect you and to create balance in your relationship with the other person. We shift responsibility for their welfare back onto their own shoulders and remove it from yours. Yes, that’s shoulder pain and stiffness, bearing the burdens for another.

When psychic vampirism is not the cause of pain then the cause is internal. Your body is holding onto a physical injury or the emotion which created that physical energy. Everything on this plane, as on all others, begins with thought and intention. There is no physical matter until it is created by thought. Every thought that you send to yourself counts as a creation. Negative thoughts create negative results, such as pain. When I scan people’s thoughts in session or in public (yes, I scan everyone as a form of self-protection against the 10% of intentional vampires) the most common trend is self-abusive self talk . Your unconscious mind records every negative as an instruction. This kind of negative talk can include worry, which will always make the lower back hurt, or low self-esteem which you perpetuate and thus your neck will hurt. Your acceptance of imbalance in relationships will create mid and low back pain. I have techniques to train this out of my clients, and their lives improve dramatically on every level. The pain is completely proportionate to the negative thoughts. When the thoughts stop being negative the body stops hurting.

Often we have to train the body to feel good because it’s forgotten how not to hurt. This is especially true after accidents. My clients don’t have bad things happen to them, but if their friends or relatives have an accident I prefer to see them right away. I can release whiplash immediately, but the pain response and the body’s adjustments to the injury take longer to release if they’ve been allowed to set in. Chronic injuries can take several sessions to release as the body winds backwards through stages of adjustment to the injury that the conscious mind has forgotten. Often we’ll find back pain is the result of an old ankle or knee injury which has unbalanced the entire body. The emotion which caused the injury (there are no accidents) can then be traced and released.

Insomnia, sleeplessness, can usually be attributed to unconscious anxiety. There my be old memories trying to break out of the “safe” place they’ve been stored. There may be a real and tough issue in your life which you’re delaying dealing with. There may be an issue that seems unsolvable. If it’s the last, you may be reassured to know that the unconscious mind always holds a solution and it just needs to be uncovered. Most of the time the mind has distorted the issue and simply needs to be put back into perspective.Sometimes it’s a solution you don’t like, or imagine is too large a task. When we shift the energies the task is easy and can be broken down into little steps. I’ve seen what people have felt are unsolvable issues or terrible crimes they’ve committed. In every case, the problem wasn’t that uncommon. Most people have problems, you just think you’re the only one. After all of these years as a spiritual healer, I don’t see much that’s news to me. Holding the issue and guilt are not the answer. Divine Spirit doesn’t judge, there’s absolutely nothing that you would, have, or could do that Spirit won’t forgive. There will have to be karmic balance in this life or another, but even that can be mitigated.

I also always search, with insomnia for a physical condition which would cause or add to sleeplessness. Often I find a thyroid issue or a constitutional mineral imbalance. The body may not be metabolizing calcium correctly. All of these conditions are easily corrected with supplements and internal shifts. Many times I’ll find a condition that needs medical attention, such as sleep apnea, digestive bacteria creating an ulcer, or a condition which could lead to a heart attack. Most doctors now accept the opinion of a medical intuitive enough to check out the suggestion. One client had an infected root canal. She had blocked the pain during her conscious hours but the body woke her at night to try to call the crisis to her attention.

Insomnia can have some fairly unusual causes, such as spiritual emergence, vampirism or spiritual attack. Spiritual emergence can make your energy centers so lit up that you can’t sleep. The condition may be ungrounding you, distorting your energy field so that the energy is pushed into your higher centers. This always causes sleeplessness. The emergence could be opening your energy centers (chakras), cleaning out all of your closets of anger, fear, and anxiety. You could be stuck in a heavy purge cycle, deadly unless interrupted, where you’ve given permission for complete spiritual cleaning and the pressure is killing your body.
Spiritual attack is a real phenomena; there are angels and demons in this universe, people do cast curses both consciously and unconsciously and there are an incredible number of people out there who work for money to create evil. In many countries such as India it’s expensive but culturally acceptable to hire a sorcerer to kill your business or love rival. With clients all over the world, I’ve removed numerous curses and attacks. You might have high energy and are lit up enough on the astral plane to draw astral sharks when you sleep. You may have several people draining your energy at night, and your natural protection wakes you up. You may be sleeping in a metal bed over an earth ley line. You may have a ghost or other entity in your house which disturbs your sleep. I have encountered each and every one of these conditions in sleepless clients, and often. The body cannot sleep when it feels unsafe.