Summer – Health Trends

I’m seeing the usual summer Listeria infections, although this bacteria seems to be stronger than in past years. Listeria is a type of bacteria that can cause food poisoning. Listeriosis symptoms include diarrhea, nausea and fever and usually last three days. Other symptoms that can continue are fatigue and listlessness and photosensitivity and with this stronger bacteria these symptoms can last indefinitely without treatment. Pregnant women are 20 times more likely than other healthy adults to get listeriosis and should immediately see their doctor.   Listeria infection is usually treated with antibiotics, but can also be treated at home with colloidal silver  and olive leaf extract. Remember, if you have had a stomach infection with Listeria. E. Colii or Salmonella the core issue is that you lack enough stomach acid. Drinking water wit half a lemon squeezed in. or with a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar 20 minutes before a meal eliminates most stomach infections by preventing the bacteria from adhering to your intestinal lining.

Individuals in California with delicate health should be boiling their water before use. Municipal water supplies have reported unusual high levels of e. coli bacteria in water. I’ve seen digestive health issues arising from well water also, as the water is being pulled from a deeper level and also sitting in the pumps and pipes longer due to water conservation practices.

My East Coast clients have had fatigue and digestive disturbances from a mild viral infection that is making the rounds. It is relieved within a week with Del Immune V and cordyceps.

There has been an unusually large amount of astral parasite activity for this time of year. If you have a new unrelenting back or neck pain you most likely have an astral attachment and you should make an appointment to have it released.

I do want to remind the seasonal allergy sufferers that your suffering is completely unnecessary. It’s a simple matter to release hay fever by opening your energy channels. Food sensitivities can be identified and in many cases released. Please schedule an appointment by texting me at 530-271-2022 and we’ll get to the cause of your problem and release it.

Enjoy the summer!