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Bacteria Health Alerts For Summer 2016


As I’m writing this in mid-May, There are some nasty food sourced “super” bacteria making the rounds. Flu and cold season are over, so if you or people you know are sick with the “flu” it’s more likely one of these bacterial culprits. These are called “super” bacteria because they have evolved to be antibiotic resistant. The very first action that you want to take with these is to take grapefruit seed capsules, 2-4 capsules depending upon body weight every 4hours until the stomach settles. These bacteria are everywhere; all over the supermarkets on most surfaces and definitely in almost all restaurant meals. Your best technique on these bacteria is prevention. Drink an alcoholic beverage when dining out, or iced tea with lemon. Take 2 grapefruit seed capsules before your meal. People with high stomach acidity will not catch these bacterial infections.


Antibiotic resistant Salmonella

This salmonella bacteria has evolved a brand new exterior coating that is resistant to standard antibiotics. The absolute treatment for it is one of my angelic holograms that is made to be the exact counter to the mutated salmonella that has been contracted. Experience from last year showed us that a hologram and a low flush niacin capsule were the most effective remedies. The niacin and the hologram activate your own body’s epigenetic ability to meet and conquer bacteria.



Antibiotic resistant E. coli

This one is nasty, as it spreads almost immediately to the kidneys and bladder. If you’re feeling hot and tired and your lower back hurts, or for women if you think you have a yeast infection, then you probably have this E. coli bacteria instead. Treating his bacteria requires 2 low-flush niacin capsules daily, grapefruit seed extract, and a hologram. We did use a standard antibiotic, combined with colloidal silver and olive leaf extract to kill a form of this antibiotic resistant bacteria last summer. It has mutated in the general population, however, so the best treatment for this really is a hologram matched to your particular mutation of E. coli.


Food Born Staph Infections

In more than 25 years of practice I’ve never seen a more pervasive staph infection. This bacteria targets the pancreas, and causes acute pancreatitis. Symptoms are rashes, fatigue, abdominal bloating, tenderness around the waist or low ribs on the left side, nausea, and loss of appetite. The only fix is a hologram, and even then it takes five days for the hologram to wear down the infection. The appendix fills up with pus and dead white blood cells, so there is often also tenderness on the right side. Some people have all of the symptoms, others only have heat and rashes. This is a serious infection and it’s difficult to avoid the bacteria. I suggest the use of hand wipes in the grocery stores and soap and hot water with vigorous scrubbing when you arrive home.



Antibiotic resistance antibacterial

The outer “shell” of the bacteria mutates so that the standard antibiotics don’t work. If the outer biological coating can be penetrated then a standard carbapenem class antibiotic, one of the old standbys such as Cipro can be just as effective as a new broad spectrum antibiotic. And that’s important because the new antibiotics can have serious side effects. As I mentioned, last year we used nano particle colloidal silver and olive leaf extract to penetrate the bacteria coating. Experiments with the holograms, which are a multi-dimensional energy construct precisely matched to the mutations, found that the holograms worked more quickly and didn’t leave any bacteria behind to mutate.