Dark Matter Holograms

Dark Matter Holograms are something that I’ve been working with for several years, with amazing results. Dark Matter is the original energy of creation that is still unformed; it hasn’t been given a pattern yet. It is not the energy of chaos or of creation. It is simply elemental potential in it’s rawest state.

I have an affinity for Dark Matter, and I’ve been using it to build multi dimensional forms, holograms, in my client’s energy bodies to fulfill programmed outcomes. I learned to make these holograms by studying the way living bodies store patterns and information. The holograms take almost a full session to form and fill, and then we use the remaining time to release your reaction to the new pattern as it changes your internal diagram of reality. A hologram is a permanent structure; after all, our energy bodies are just holograms which program our potential and the physical reality that we experience. These new holograms work best if they are reinforced and refilled with energy every four months, because since they are changing your former patterns the energy use is great. They don’t pull from your energy stores; they remain part of the universal whole.

Lets take real client’s experiences as examples of what a hologram can do. One of my clients was experiencing bone fractures as a result of chronic bone loss. She was in pain from extensive fracturing of the spine, pelvic bones, and ankles. The very first thing I did was bring in energy to create a virtual healthy bone structure. Energy has physical weight and mass. The original healthy bone pattern is stored in the genetic memory of the body. It’s a simple thing to convince the body that the bones are solid, to bring up the healthy code, and to build a reinforcing virtual structure out of energy. Once that was finished, in about half an hour, her pain was gone and she could move freely. This virtual exoskeleton would have fulfilled all of her physical needs. But, the energy pattern would eventually degrade. So I created a Dark Matter Hologram, a beautiful pattern of glowing light set into her life center behind the navel. This hologram was programmed to make fresh bone from the supplements she was taking, and to make that bone rapidly and to make it strong. Six weeks later her bone scan showed normal, healthy bone. Her doctor was amazed; he had never seen such an advanced case of osteoporosis reverse itself so quickly and completely.

The next client I’ll mention is a medical doctor, an anesthesiologist. He shares the same secret that many physicians and surgeons share; they tilt the odds a bit in their favor using the skills of a Medical Intuitive. This particular M.D. has many patients come in for surgery who are in poor health, especially patients under his care for bariatric, or weight reduction surgery for the treatment of obesity. These patients often have heart conditions or blood pressure issues. He is an excellent anesthesiologist who has never lost a patient, but he was tired of close calls that required all of his skill and experience. This made his job very stressful. I created a Dark Matter Hologram for him so that his patients always have excellent outcomes. Further programming was that the surgery would be smooth and without complications no matter what the patient’s health condition was to begin with. And the last part of the program was that the patients would instinctively understand that with him they would have a good outcome from even risky surgery. This hologram has been in place for almost two years now, and my clients is very pleased with the results. Since the hologram was applied he has enjoyed his work without worry. Surgeons clamor to use his services because the surgeries are always so smooth.

The third hologram I’ll use as an example worried me at first; it’s construction was very tricky, as was the intention behind the construction. Because my client is a trial lawyer. How could I create a Dark Matter Hologram that would allow him to win cases while still remaining ethically and karmicly clear?I reasoned that my client is a very good lawyer. He’s going to apply his skill and knowledge to his client’s benefit and that is what they contract him to do. But he spent sleepless nights worrying that an innocent person might go to jail because his best wouldn’t be good enough. I finally set the Hologram to read innocence. If the client was innocent then the Dark Matter Hologram would read and apply that knowledge to the programmed outcome. But Law is technical…so I also set the hologram to read and apply the correct solution According to the Highest Good. My client sleeps at night…and so do I.

I’m just going to mention in closing some of the holograms that have been set in recent years. You might find your application here. I set a Dark Matter Hologram into the life center of a client who had recently been diagnosed with diabetes. The hologram programmed her to improve her diet and exercise habits and to enjoy the change. Her eating and exercise patterns changed drastically for the better; immediately she lost twenty pounds without effort, and her diabetes disappeared. One of my clients requested a hologram for new business. He was contacted soon after by a new account for his products. That account has continued to grow. I’ve noticed that the account grows exactly at the right speed, enabling my client to be able to consistently expand his production capacity. This was intentionally part of the Dark Matter Hologram’s program. I also set into the hologram that my client’s other business opportunities would also expand so that he was never reliant solely on his major client. I set a hologram onto my son when he received his Driver’s License. My son doesn’t drink but he does keep late hours. He has sometimes canceled car trips because he felt too tired to drive. It’s almost two years now, and his driving record is still spotless. He tells me sometimes about other drivers who start to make mistakes around him and correct just in time. I smile, and wish that I’d put something into the hologram for perfect parking; his back bumper has scrapes from a tree.