Environmental Energy Pollution and your body

I’ve wanted to write about this issue for some time now. Recently a client case presented which represents this issue in a such a dramatic way that it just begged to be written up.

We are now surrounded by EMF (electromagnetic frequency waves) from our technology every waking and sleeping minute of our lives. Every wireless router, computer, cordless phone, cellphone and cell tower are emitting waves. Waves which are stronger in intensity than your body’s electrochemical messaging system. When this electromagnetic “smog” is everywhere and all-the-time your body can’t send the signals it needs to repair the body while you sleep.

“Cindy” came to me because she was in constant pain. Her doctors (twelve of them) had diagnosed her with arthritis. Her doctors had tried every drug available, even resorting to chemotherapy in an attempt to neutralize her immune system. She was only 42, and in so much pain that she couldn’t work and could not sleep.

When I looked Cindy over, it was immediately obvious that her arthritis was a symptom and not the cause. She was phoning me from her bedroom, and I could feel a strong electrical current indicating that the electrical board for the house was within 12 feet. She confirmed that her bedroom was on the ground floor, immediately over the electrical board in the basement.

The next issue I saw was that the entire house was surrounded by distorted magnetic fields. This meant that the house electrical wiring was grounded into the water pipe instead of to a copper grounding rod. This is a very common situation; perhaps as many as half of all houses are improperly grounded.

I grounded electrical smog and allergy to electrical smog out of Cindy’s system. She was immediately out of pain for the first time in over two years. She agreed to move her bed and to have an electrician ground the house correctly. In addition we had her turn her router off at night and shield all of her electronic devices with Wave Shield stickers to reduce EMF emission. She also agreed to purchase a Schumann generator. This is a small machine which generates a wavelength of the earth’s frequency as measured by Schumann. The body tunes to the Schumann wave, it’s preferred frequency, instead of to the miscellaneous dis-harmonic frequencies present in today’s environment.

One month later Cindy was free of most pain and inflammation. We found and removed some food sensitivities. She improved her diet, avoiding food additives and colorings and she started taking Omega 3 fish oil capsules. Cindy was then free of pain.

No one knows the long-term cumulative effects of the new frequencies we have added to the environment. We are the guinea pigs for a vast, unguided experiment. The electromagnetic smog is everywhere and unless you have your own private island it is impossible to escape.

Perhaps you turn your wireless router off at night, but your neighbors on each side don’t. You can still wake up in the morning with stiffness, perhaps stuffy sinus symptoms. Possibly you have a headache or increased susceptibility to catching the flu. Perhaps your morning mirror simply informs you that you now have bags and sags in formerly clear skin.

You can protect your health as much as possible by increasing your intake of vegetables and anti-oxidant supplements. Schumann frequency generators can be found at http://www.less-emf.com for around $250 for the tunable generator. I prefer the tunable generator, as when you first receive it it will feel more comfortable to adjust the frequency knob to 1/8” under the Schumann mark. After two weeks, move it to the mark, then two weeks later raise it another 1/8” above the mark, as experience has demonstrated that this setting gives your immune system a boost. Wave shield stickers can be purchased for about $20 each, several sites sell them on the internet. They are the best that I have so far tried for eliminating harmful EMF. Place one on every electronic device; computers, cell phone, cordless phone, digital clock, wireless router, etc. You should also check that beds are away from electrical supply panels and that your house or apartment building is properly grounded. One of my client had to take the issue up with his Condominium board and push for three months to get them to hire an electrician. The building was improperly grounded, and once fixed all of the inhabitants of the building slept better. His neighbors gifted him with a case of champagne.

Children should wear a Cook’s Diode necklace or bracelet until they are eighteen. These are available at http://www.energpolarit.com, and although they are not as effective as Wave Shield they provide a constant biological protection. I strongly suggest that individuals who frequently travel by air use both the Cook’s seat pad and a portable Schumann device. I’m seeing more and more aura distortion, physical illness, and allergy for frequent flyers as their seatmates use more digital devices. You’re also removed from the earth wave while flying so that your body has no frame of reference except to align to conflicting electronic signals.

In summary, this electronic smog is dangerous. It is having an effect on your body. And you can’t avoid it, you can only take steps to mitigate the damage. Please, take the steps that you can take for a healthier, longer life.

disclaimer: Morgana Wyze does not receive any endorsement fees for mentioned products or web sites