Healing From Chronic Injury With Direct Energy Field Effect (DEFE)

Chronic injury is defined as a persistent, long term pain or impairment from an old injury which didn’t heal properly. An example of this would be an old whiplash injury which years later is causing pain and numbness on one or both sides of the body. The body has held the original injury as a continuing injury and has chosen to support the upper body by adhering muscle or scar tissue onto the vertebrae. The numbness results from either the vertebrae puling sideways and pinching a nerve or from the muscles on either side of the spine holding rigidly to protect the spine. This muscle structure may also be chronically inflamed as the body attempts to further protect the original injury.

Another example of injury encompassing more of the body’s architecture might be a fall from a horse, or a ski or snowboard accident. Here the usual pattern of injury is a major twist in the hips and rib cage away from the impact point. Many people twist back into normal patterns over a week or two and eventually heal. Other people do not (can not) twist the structure back to non injury status or manage only a partial reversal to normal. Damaged connective tissue heals into place the best it can to give mobility and support to the physical structure. The healing of the injury is not complete, however, because the integrity of the original structure remains compromised. Gradually the body adds in as adaptive behavior small reverse twists through the ankles, knees and neck as the body attempts to maintain an erect posture and balance the head and eyes. Gradually these twists create more needed adaptations and the muscles have to start holding tension in patterns extremely different from their original state. Often the result is chronic pain and muscle inflammation.

“Cindy” came to me because she was in constant pain. Her doctors (twelve of them) had diagnosed her with arthritis. Her doctors had tried every drug available, even resorting to chemotherapy in an attempt to neutralize her immune system. She was only 42, and in so much pain that she couldn’t work and could not sleep.

The mechanics involved are simple. The underlying issue is more complicated. More of our body is comprised of energy than of solid matter. Indeed, if you were to look at the body on a molecular level you would see more space than material. Before an injury or accident of any kind occurs there must be an energetic agreement, energy block, or energy which is not native to the individual’s energy system.

Most of these injury agreements are neutral or even benign. A flu or cold virus, for example is usually visiting by your invitation to aid your system to release a stuck energy, usually an unprocessed emotion. Often that emotion is fatigue from work or life stress. When my clients ask me to release a flu virus from their system I usually see two energy fields. One is the flu of the season, which is simple to re-pattern on an energetic level and release. The second field is the emotional material which has been brought up by the flu, which must also be released to relieve symptoms.

An example of a benign energy agreement causing a beneficial injury would be a fall that pops a knee or lower back into proper position. I once saw a client,who had released a substantial energy blockage in the form of a relationship which wasn’t working, create an extraordinary benign injury. As he was leaving their shared house for the last time he put the car into forward instead of reverse and at the same time tipped off balance in the seat with his foot on the accelerator. He traveled very, very quickly off the top of a cliff, almost straight downhill through rough scrub brush for the length of a soccer field and came to a fairly sudden stop against a tree. Every bone and joint in his body popped . He emerged from the wreck completely unscathed, although his car was totaled. Until that time he had been experiencing chronic lower back and neck pain. Every signal in his body energy had pointed to the chronic stress in the failing relationship as the root cause of his pain. From the day of the accident through to today, years later, he has never again had lower back or neck pain.

With chronic injury, the original emotion has not been released. You could say that the body is nursing a sense of injury. A child might have witnessed a major fight between parents and then absorbed that conflict and anger energy before a childhood accident occurs, such as a fall from a horse. This would be an example of an energy blockage caused by other people’s energy. Subsequent maladaptive physical patterns in the body might be attempts by the subconscious mind to avoid confronting the conflict energy, or taking blame for the parental relationship and creating pain as a penance. This physical situation will not heal until the original cause of the injury is released on an energetic level.

Energetic blocks and resulting subconscious adaptations can cause more than physical illness. Some patterns such as bi-polar behavior or post traumatic stress disorder may be based upon subconscious injury patterns in some individuals. This is easy to discern in an individual because the energy field reacts strongly to mentally implanted neutral or positive statements (such as, “You are not responsible for your parent’s anger”). The individual might or might not feel an emotional response, depending upon the level of emotional suppression, but if there is an underlying issue the energy field will create an observable response. If the issues are not central to the pathology then the response will be muted or nonexistent. Carefully directed, these responding fields can be shifted, which releases the held patterns of pathology. Many healing modalities in energy medicine take advantage of this field healing response to alleviate or lessen severe symptoms. These healing modalities include Direct Energy Field Effect , acupuncture, Qi Gong, and homeopathy.

Releasing chronic physical patterns of energy is also an example of Direct Energy Field Effect (DEFE). The original injury and whatever energy matrix is holding that energy is a field. It’s a universal rule in working with energy that if you can perceive an energy field then you can effect that field. Often there is more than one field causing maladaptive responses in the body. Sometimes there are layers of toxic fields or energetic injuries. In those cases the goal is to start at the top and work down to the last held injury. Each field release begins a matching physical response of release. Placing positive energetic agreements and fields into the subconscious mind regarding healing greatly accelerates this process. Opposing energies, such as calming homeopathic remedies or essential oils which encourage positive or relaxed emotions continue the healing response between DEFE sessions. The entire process of healing is painless and yet the results are often dramatic, positive, and lasting. By itself, as the result of the natural healing process, the physical body untwists and returns to a balanced state.