Your Spiritual Check-In

Hi, this is your spiritual wake up call. It’s time to check in and to determine if you are still on your correct life path. Our life path changes about every 25 years, so it might be time for a course correction. The question that needs to be answered in every life quarter is; what are you here for? There is not a one-size-fits-all, generic answer; each and every one of you has a different life mission. The answer to this question will be found in your Life Values. You will have a different priority at each stage of your life. Where a young person might answer that their Life Value is growth, a later stage of their life might be personal achievement or family focus. A person in their last quarter might focus on spiritual development.

Turning to your life values , first answer the question of “Whom, or what, are you passionately in love with? ” Write this down. Then add who or what you wouldn’t want to continue in life without. Then write down who or what you could walk away from. Add to this the valuation on a scale of 1-5, 5 beigh highest, of your self-love. And finally,add in the 1-5 value of your love of life itself. Check your list for missing pieces and low scores; this may be an indication that your values require further auditing.

Seriously, do use the formula above. Then we’ll examine the results. Stand out from yourself a bit and ask, “If I could do anything, what would I do? ” Listen for that first idea that pops in, or the tiny internal voice that answers the question even while your conscious mind is trying on “correct sounding” answers. We all do know what we are here to do. Sometimes we cover it up because it sounds too trite or unimportant. Sometimes we don’t or can’t listen because we don’t believe enough in ourselves. Or we believe too much in the valuation that other people have put on our lives. Or our mission has changed as we have fulfilled our previous mission.

Be certain that the answer inside is definitely not about serving others. That would be wasteful, and Divine Spirit doesn’t do waste; it’s an extremely efficient system. One person, one life. If you find yourself spending your life caretaking another person and that person is completely incapable of caretaking themselves then you are lucky enough to have the special life purpose of embodying Divine Grace. If the person you are caretaking is even the slightest bit capable of caretaking themselves then your life mission is much more difficult, the lesson of not taking responsibility where they can. We are here to empower others, not to cater to them.

Examine your Prosperity Consciousness. Is your glass half empty or half full (what glass, who took my glass, I’ve been robbed!)? Are you scrambling for security? Are you certain that you would feel secure if you achieved your goals? Are your thoughts and values about love, money and housing your own or have you been running the valuations of family or peers? Does your security lie with having love or possessions? Or are these just security blankets? What is the core valuation of what you really need to be content with your lifestyle? Do you feel divinely supported in life, or are you struggling? Have you askedDivine Spirit for help? If any of these questions has no resolution, ask it of Divine Spirit. Divine Spirit will answer.