Preventing Winter Flu

Flu and Winter Weather

Every year we have two flu seasons; the first one starts in the Fall and I call it the “False Flu” season because it comes from the flu shots that so many people get because they believe it will keep them healthy.They then walk around shedding virus for two weeks afterwards and make everyone else ill.


The real flu season has always started around Christmas when people are stressed and their levels of vitamin D, C, and A are depleted.

We don’t absorb D vitamin supplements as well as we absorb our own natural D, and most people need more supplementation in the winter than they think that they do. It’s not unreasonable to take a supplement of 3,000, I personally take 5,000. Many people also take an inefficient brand of vitamin D. There have been studies made and the various D supplement brands have been measured and compared. The study results vary upon who did the study , I’ve found that Country Life brand has a high rating and the price is good.

We have two flu virus strains making the rounds. The first one comes out of Spain, and it feels a bit like food poisoning with vomiting and diarrhea. In fact, many of the flu symptoms I’ve seen with this were actually bacteria from food and not a virus. A few doses of grapefruit seed extract over a three day period settled both flu and bacterial symptoms .

The second strain is an interesting one, it showed up in China in late November and appeared on our shores in the US in late December. The first wave of this flu was relatively mild. It coincided with the first Chinese stock market fall.The second, later, flu wave arrived on the heels of two major stock market crashes in China. This flu is much more severe. The symptoms are a sore throat, persistent headache, a miserably runny nose, fatigue, and fever. Some people have low back pain or pain in their tailbone. The mucus has a tendency to settle in the lungs and can move into pneumonia.

Now the interesting thing about a virus is that we have to “invite” it in by having a matching energy. The virus helps us to release and resolve our internalized issues. This particular virus attaches to people with money and security issues. This makes sense because it came through China during three stock market crashes. The emotional basis of this flu is fear of loss and insecurity. The more severe the issues are, the more severe the viral symptoms. Lung issues are grief and fear of loss. Low back pain and tailbone pain represent insecurity. The headache is actually a third eye blockage associated with fear. The sore throat is also fear.

I make holograms when I encounter a viral program. The holograms invert the viral pattern on all levels. Where there has been exposure to the virus, the hologram attaches. When I put the hologram in and follow the pattern down to clear it some astonishing things have been happening. The virus, in many instances, has attached itself to buried childhood fears and insecurities. These fears and insecurities are so deeply rooted and so protected by the psyche that it’s nearly impossible under normal circumstances to root them out. But when bound to the viral pattern, the hologram also neutralizes these root energies. This has a major impact on the lives of the people who are liberated from old obsolete patterns; better health and less obstruction in their lives.

If they have the flu at all after the hologram is inserted it’s a subtle tired feeling with almost no other symptoms. If they already have the flu when the hologram is inserted then their symptoms become extremely mild and they are well within a few days. I do urge you to have a hologram inserted to take advantage of the unique pattern of this virus.