February-March 2016

Flu and Earthquake Weather

Every year we have two flu seasons; the first one starts in the Fall and I call it the “False Flu” season because it comes from the flu shots that so many people get because they believe it will keep them healthy.They then walk around shedding virus for two weeks afterwards and make everyone else ill.


The real flu season has always started around Christmas when people are stressed and their levels of vitamin D, C, and A are depleted.

We don’t absorb D vitamin supplements as well as we absorb our own natural D, and most people need more supplementation in the winter than they think that they do. It’s not unreasonable to take a supplement of 3,000, I personally take 5,000. Many people also take an inefficient brand of vitamin D. There have been studies made and the various D supplement brands have been measured and compared. The study results vary upon who did the study , I’ve found that Country Life brand has a high rating and the price is good.

We have two flu virus strains making the rounds. The first one comes out of Spain, and it feels a bit like food poisoning with vomiting and diarrhea. In fact, many of the flu symptoms I’ve seen with this were actually bacteria from food and not a virus. A few doses of grapefruit seed extract over a three day period settled both flu and bacterial symptoms .

The second strain is an interesting one, it showed up in China in late November and appeared on our shores in the US in late December. The first wave of this flu was relatively mild. It coincided with the first Chinese stock market fall.The second, later, flu wave arrived on the heels of two major stock market crashes in China. This flu is much more severe. The symptoms are a sore throat, persistent headache, a miserably runny nose, fatigue, and fever. Some people have low back pain or pain in their tailbone. The mucus has a tendency to settle in the lungs and can move into pneumonia.

Now the interesting thing about a virus is that we have to “invite” it in by having a matching energy. The virus helps us to release and resolve our internalized issues. This particular virus attaches to people with money and security issues. This makes sense because it came through China during three stock market crashes. The emotional basis of this flu is fear of loss and insecurity. The more severe the issues are, the more severe the viral symptoms. Lung issues are grief and fear of loss. Low back pain and tailbone pain represent insecurity. The headache is actually a third eye blockage associated with fear. The sore throat is also fear.

I make holograms when I encounter a viral program. The holograms invert the viral pattern on all levels. Where there has been exposure to the virus, the hologram attaches. When I put the hologram in and follow the pattern down to clear it some astonishing things have been happening. The virus, in many instances, has attached itself to buried childhood fears and insecurities. These fears and insecurities are so deeply rooted and so protected by the psyche that it’s nearly impossible under normal circumstances to root them out. But when bound to the viral pattern, the hologram also neutralizes these root energies. This has a major impact on the lives of the people who are liberated from old obsolete patterns; better health and less obstruction in their lives.

If they have the flu at all after the hologram is inserted it’s a subtle tired feeling with almost no other symptoms. If they already have the flu when the hologram is inserted then their symptoms become extremely mild and they are well within a few days. I do urge you to have a hologram inserted to take advantage of the unique pattern of this virus.



Earthquakes Coming


For many years I’ve facilitated a form of group precognition. I have the ability to look into the third eye when people are experiencing fear and stress and view the pictures that they are blocking. Once in a while everyone is stressed and they are all seeing facets of the same future event. The group (which varies over the years as clients grow well and leave and new clients come into the group) foresaw 9/11, the real estate bubble, and several large stock market plunges including the crash of 2007. My clients sold Florida and other  real estate at the height of the bubble and were sitting in cash for most of the crashes.

The events we see don’t always happen.The future is a stream of possibilities, nothing is set in stone. We’ve foreseen several terrorist attacks that were prevented by the CIA and NSA, much to our relief. Most people are unaware of how close the world economic system came to crashing in 2007-2009. We had a ringside seat and it was a horrifyingly close call.

Lately the stress level has been building up again. The pictures point to a great loss of human life through a natural disaster, and the probability of this occurring is now 70 percent. That probability rises to a near certainty if there is a major earthquake along the California coast on February 14. The pictures that we are seeing show that this earthquake, although severe, is just a symptom of a greater event that is building. The earthquakes in Los Angeles in January that have been blamed upon fracking are a symptom. The earthquake in Taiwan and the minor volcano erupting at Japan’s Mount Sakurajima are also symptoms. The real event will unfold between February 19-24 if the probabilities increase. There could be an enormous eruption of a submerged volcano off the coast of Japan.

There is a 30 percent probability that the majority of the lava and energy of this eruption will move sideways into lava tubes. In that case there will be some damage to the coast of Japan and some loss of lives. If the volcano erupts outward the loss of life will be large scale, and tsunamis area very real concern even to the West Coast of the US. Every Island nation might feel the effects of this. There is a high probability of another, greater earthquake on the West Coast.

You might ask, “Why would you post such a dire prediction?”. The answer is that I want you to be safe. I want your loved ones to be safe. If the February 14 earthquake occurs then you need to warn your friends and family about the high probability of danger if they live or travel in an affected area. Many people are praying and working hard to alter the outcome to be a minor blip in world events. Please add your energy and prayers to that best outcome. Please remember that many disasters that we foresee are altered to become small occurrences or don’t occur at all. I believe that prayer and directed energy can alter possibilities to a more positive outcome.

EDIT 2/18/16

We’ve made it past the critical dates of 2/14-2/16 and the probabilities shifted downward. There is now a 50% chance of this event occurring and the 30% probability that the lava tube moves in a horizontal plane still remains. Good work everyone, and bless you for your prayers and energy work. I think now that this natural disaster will play out towards the lower end.

People are still tense with foreboding, they’re attributing this to work or other stress. It’s common to have neck pain, sleeplessness, and left side or shoulder pain with a precognition event. We’re all one mass of humanity, there are no exceptions. I’m seeing some right side pain in men (the feeling is of impending doom without being able to do somethings about it) as a result of their third eye tension. It helps to remember that we live in this moment. The past is beyond our reach to affect and the future is just shifting lines and trends of probability. Try not to let this fear and loss possibility make you sad or tense today. People are driving crazy out there as we get closer to the event horizon and they feel the fear and stress, so please, focus in the moment and stay safe.