Sexual Abuse Trauma Recovery

Sexual abuse in our culture is relatively common, and it can take many forms. Sexual abuse can be due to various degrees of molestation as a child, or emotional incest from a parent who has used their child as a spousal substitute for emotional comfort. Sexual abuse can be caused by a damaging relationship in which a man or woman absorbed the anger of their partner through sexual contact. Sexual abuse also arises from an abusive atmosphere in which the energy of violence or abuse of power is associated with sex. This last relationship can cause a child to be a sexual abuser of another child.stock-photo-125732-defence

Healing around sexual trauma is dependent upon the depth and duration of the trauma. Wounding which occurred in adulthood may have its root in sexual shaming from the past.

Morgana has found that the wounding and internalized guilt of these sexual traumas resolves itself in cycles. A person can feel that their healing is complete and their life is fairly functional. However, the anniversary of a traumatic incident can bring up fresh pain and cause a healing crisis which can allow deep wounding to finally heal.

breaking heartAn isolated incident such as rape can be a trigger for the final healing of sexual confusion from childhood. This sexual confusion usually results from subconscious cultural associations which link sex and violence. The outward manifestation of this in adulthood is seen in sexual relationships with other adults which don’t work or go badly wrong.

Energetic healing can shift the energy which was long held in the body and release painful memories and shaming. The shift is rapid if the wounding occurred in a single event in adulthood. A series of energetic shifts are needed to release chronic emotional wounding from childhood. The memories remain, but they are dull and muted. There is no pain or other emotion, such as shaming, associated with the memories. The relief is as profound as having a toothache stop; the body and mind no longer experience pain or stress.

The past ceases to influence the present or your future.heart-candle-1316410