Soul Retrieval

When most people hear the term Soul Retrieval, they comment that they didn’t realize that a soul could get lost! And, in truth, it can’t…but it can fracture from great stress and those pieces can wander.

lotusSoul Retrieval is a term for an energy technique which uses internal pictures to find and retrieve pieces of energy which are needed for whole functioning of the mind and spirit. These missing pieces are essential for health and happiness. Without them an individual will “limp” through life with a handicap from life wounds that will not heal. Life doesn’t quite work and happiness seems elusive.

It’s easy to determine if an individual has missing soul pieces; they describe themselves as incomplete or somehow missing a part of themselves. They have memories from childhood of being whole but they know that they aren’t whole now.

Soul Retrieval is an ancient Native American practice. If a physical accident or emotional trauma has caused part of the soul to become lost, a ceremony may be done to sing the lost piece of the soul home. In modern practice a ceremony is not needed, the energy healer/shaman travels the three worlds to find the missing soul piece and will convince it to return. There is often an emotional release and joyous reaction when the missing piece is retrieved and restored to the original body. Usually long held beliefs about being incomplete or inadequate resolve and release. Relationships and general functioning improve; it’s common to find that scholastic and work achievements are much higher after a session.

Soul Retrieval is based upon these shamanic healing beliefs. The technique is adapted to the modern world and retrieves memory traces which were too traumatic for the mind to accept at the time they occurred. Internal pictures are set in by the healer to make the memory safe so that it can be accepted and the energy behind it is retrieved.

Some individuals find that missing memories are fully or partially restored. For others the memories are not restored but there is a sensation of pressure being relieved at a deep emotional and spiritual level, with corresponding positive behavior changes.

There is some danger to the practitioner (not to the client) while doing Soul Retrieval. The shamanic healer has to send their soul out into the three worlds and there is always a risk of losing themselves in those worlds. The decision to undertake this journey for a client is dependent upon the respect that the client has for the risk that the shaman is taking on their behalf . The client has to resolve to not distract the shaman from their task by chattering or asking questions during the period the shaman is absent from their body. The client also needs to understand and respect that this is a high energy demand upon the shaman. It’s normal to be quite exhausted and non-communicative after  a soul retrieval as the shaman reintegrates back into their own body. The benefits to the client are so remarkable that the healer may decide that this client is worth the risk and energy expenditure if they are confident that the client is mature enough to respect the risk that is being taken for their benefit.


This is not recommended for serious psychological disorders. Please consult a licensed psychologist if you have a history of mental dysfunction or if you are self-destructive or considering suicide. This technique is not applicable where drug usage or alcohol abuse are present. Soul Retrieval is considered a tool for individuals who are mentally healthy but wish to improve the general quality of their lives.