Spinal Repair with Divine Energy

One of the most common healing requests I receive these days is for spinal repair. These requests come from people who were referred to me by word of mouth, so I thought that it’s past time I wrote  about it and put it up on this website. I use the energies of Divine Spirit to heal the bones and the spine, including the repair of discs and spinal stenosis. I search for the cause of spinal issues to effect spinal repair. I’m going to break these out into their various common conditions below.


The first spinal repair I ever performed, back in 1990 when I began my career, was for arthritis. I could reduce the pain and restore mobility, but in those days I couldn’t make the arthritis heal completely. And sometimes I still can’t, but I’ve been able to place the cause of several types of arthritis. When we address the cause, the arthritis heals.

Most of the arthritis I see is caused by an infection, usually of a spirochete bacteria which can include Lyme disease but more commonly is Borrelia and Leptospira. When the infection is cured (yes, there are natural cures which work better than antibiotics) the arthritis ceases to progress and the excess calcium can be directed back into the bones.

It’s also common for the bone to over grow after an injury, which is also arthritis.  An example is a broken ankle which heals with less mobility, pain, and stiffness. Or when the spine grows extra bone in an attempt to provide more support. This bone is often weak and roughly textured and it creates pressure and stress on nerves and tendons.

Another  cause of arthritis is not enough calcium, or the wrong type of calcium. I work with conditions of osteoarthritis and osteoporosis often, and they respond quickly to the correct calcium in the correct dosage. After the age of 40, the body requires  Microcystalline Hydroxyapatite . This is found in products such as Bone Maximizer III.

Adult bodies are not made to utilize animal milk products and they should be used sparingly if at all. The closest milk to human milk is goat milk, but the ultra-pasteurized product usually available is toxic. The  milk from a cow is heavily loaded with phosphorus which in humans makes large, weak muscles and bones and contributes to arthritis. The flash pasteurization process used in the United States turns the main milk protein, casein, into a mild toxin and is a frequent cause of milk allergies. Converting from the use of animal milk products and adding calcium hydroxyapatite to the daily diet alleviates a host of bone conditions.

The last cause of arthritis is genetic,  a favorable mutation that allowed our ancestors to survive the ice age but with our new longevity creates mature onset arthritis. This is most common with a East European background.  Sometimes, about 50% of the time,  the DNA can be coaxed into a dormant condition. This turns off the genetic expression and the arthritis does not worsen. Spinal repair with Divine energy can create great improvements in mobility and pain relief.


Spinal Stenosis

This is a condition, often related to injuries, where the bone of the spinal vertebrae grows inward, compressing the spinal column and often the nerves. The main symptoms of spinal stenosis are numbness and nerve pain down the arms or legs. Divine energy can create spinal repair. It simply melts that excess bone back away from the spinal cord and uses it to reinforce the vertebrae. Because this condition is often found in people above the age of 60, repair can take several session because the older body is slow to respond.


Weak tendons, and misalignment of feet and ankles

The most common issue I see in spinal repair is that the condition of the spine is a natural result of lack of support from the lower body. This can take the form of weak or ruptured tendons, misalignment of the ankles, knees, or hips, or most usually a combination of all of them. This is the reason why Divine Energy is the ultimate solution for spinal repair. No other system will reinforce the tendons or repair cartilage in the knees and hip joints. If that hip joint is bone on bone, the spine cannot straighten. Once the cartilage has been replaced  or reinforced with spiritual energy the spine want to return to a healthy neutral position.


Slipped discs, bulging discs, herniated discs.

The discs are  cushions that separate the vertebrae of the spine and allow the spine to move freely. If a disc is ruptured (herniated) the leaking fluid from the disc creates pain, inflammation, and pinched nerves. A “slipped disc” has a compression in what should ideally be a rigid structure of the disc wall. The weakened disc allows the vertebrae to tilt, compressing the nerves. These are soft tissue repair, and they are an order of magnitude more difficult to restore than bone. Several sessions are required to reinforce the physical disc with Divine energy.


Self Fused Spines

I can’t do much with surgically fused spines where there are metal rods supporting the spine. Those rods create energy blocks. I have improved some surgical spinal fusions to lessen pain and/or to improve mobility but a complete healing is not possible as long as the metal remains.  Often, though, after an injury the spine will self-fuse to create more support. This can be repaired, although it is a long process because the muscles of the back also have to be repaired, as well as the bone and discs. The muscles have often become shortened because of the limited function of the spine. Divine energy ripples through those muscles and restore them to their original length and flexibility.

Spinal repair usually includes a variety of the issues listed above. It’s extremely difficult and energy intensive work. I often have to begin with the feet and tendons before the spinal repair, to fix the cause of spinal issues. Spiritual energy can, over time, repair or replace almost anything. I request that if you schedule a session for spinal repair that you limit your healing request to spinal issues and schedule another time for other illness or injury. I also request that you appreciate the concentration required and resist talking during the procedure; every time I’m distracted I lose the stream of energy I’m weaving into your body.

As with all spiritual healing, avoiding alcohol, nicotine, non-prescription drugs (use as lightly as possible) and meat for the three days prior to your appointment raises your vibrational energy and makes healing possible.