Stress Release


Have you taken time off and still felt like your mind was on overload? Energetic healing can find the reset button so that you feel clear and light. The energy is intelligent and naturally restores the chemicals in the brain (such as seratonin) which are depleted during stress. Most people notice that their thinking is clear and centered, and they often remark that they’re not irritable with family or coworkers. They report a feeling of great relief and freedom from general anxiety.

You can experience physical shifts also, as the muscles of the scalp, neck, and shoulders release from postures of tension. Many people who grind their teeth during sleep have reported that the grinding lessens and then stops as they experience sessions for stress release. Chronic tension along the spine will often release, with a resulting relief from chronic back pain or stiffness.

The most remarkable effect of stress release is that there is a measurable level of improved immune response. This can be a vital tool for those healing from serious illness, and is helpful to everyone during the cold and flu season. Stress release around work tension can identify and nullify the sources of stress and pain and allow peaceful acceptance and relief.

In many cases Morgana can identify a few simple responses or small changes that will tremendously relieve the work environment. She can also create patterns of change and manifestation for stress relief in every area of your life, including interpersonal relations. With an energetic shift an enemy can become an allied force, co-dependent relations can become healthy, or  toxic people cagreen-lotusn either be nullified or coaxed into a healthier position.

Some individuals experience an energy high during energetic stress release, an overwhelming feeling of being loved in every cell of their body. Others report a feeling of physical bliss, or the spiritual experience of being connected with the world.