Surviving the Current Economic Crisis

“Andrea’s” office is laying off employees; they are in their second round of layoffs and she is so worried that she isn’t sleeping well at night. She hasn’t been getting along well with her new supervisor, and she thinks he may cut her position. “Michael”, a consulting attorney, has seen his business drop precipitously. He has gone through his savings and has a real and constant fear that he will lose his beautiful house, the home he he has worked towards for years, unless his practice improves. “David” owns a restaurant which was doing quite well until the recent economic downturn. Now he pinches pennies and prays for more lunch and dinner business.

What do these people have in common? Not what you’d think, that they are all “victims” of the current economic downturn. In truth, each of these individuals is investing belief in the group manifestation at great cost to their own security and happiness. If they were doing this behavior in a good economic climate then it would be a case of reverse manifestation, where they are manifesting from their own inner fears instead of from their own desires. The basis of their situation now is mass drama and fear, the perception of danger, which has caused them to disown their power to change their own circumstances.

Each of these people did everything right. They were not leveraged. They had more savings and less debt than the average person. They took the raw material, their own will and intellect, that they had to work with and made the best of it. They were not children of privilege who were given opportunities to which most other people have no access. “Andrea” had an alcoholic father, her mother died of cancer when she was twelve. She paid her own way through college. “Michael” grew up on an Indian reservation without electricity or running water. His first memory was of sticking newspaper in the cracks of the walls for warmth. “David” dropped out of school in the eighth grade to help support his mother and siblings. Each of these people rose above their beginnings because they didn’t believe that these circumstances were permanent. They were willing to do whatever work it took to improve their lives. They had, after all, nothing to lose.

Their current mental frame is this; they are frightened that they will lose everything they have worked for, and they are angry. They didn’t purchase housing with a zero down payment, buy a new car they couldn’t afford or bundle mortgage notes into AAA bonds and yet they are being hurt all the same. They feel helpless as they watch the evening news and read the internet and newspapers. They feel despair as they watch their retirement savings dwindle and struggle to pay the daily bills. These emotions lower their vibrational rate, the level at which they resonate to life. Their new and constant focus on what is wrong in their lives is creating the very situation they most fear. The first Law of Manifestation states that;  what we focus on increases. That Law is as immutable as gravity. We can apply it to achieve our desires or we can apply it to destroy our lives. The Law doesn’t care, it’s impersonal; it’s simply a metaphysical state of order.

A year later; working with “Andrea”, I helped her to realize that she was buying into an event that hadn’t happened yet. That she was pre-mourning her fate as if it were destined. She re-focused her mental state by reading positive and uplifting books and avoided negative drama of all kinds. She loved positive old movies and she resolved to watch one each night, sleeping soundly afterwards. She realized that she had been feeling “survivor’s guilt” because she had survived the previous lay-off where her friends hadn’t. She chose to stay positively focused, and used a technique of positive emotion and focus to change her work situation. Currently, her previous supervisor has been demoted for poor performance. She has been commended, received a five percent raise, and was transferred to the department that she always wanted to work with.

“Michael” was rather more stubborn about change. Eventually he did realize that the only thing in his life that had actually changed was his own attitude. He laughed until tears rolled down his cheeks when he realized at a gut level that he had been (he called it “Infected”) influenced by mass hysteria and bad drama. “Michael” also realized that he’d always been torn by his choice to practice law. He’d had an inner image of himself as a “sell-out”. He realized that he loved his work and that he did a lot of good in the world through his work. He also woke up to an old promise that he hadn’t fulfilled, to improve matters back on the reservation. Within days of re-committing to his life and to improve the world around him “Michael’s” practice returned to its previous levels. He reports that people have said that they just “felt right” when they came across his name for their legal issues.

“David” has lost his restaurant. He lost it laughingly, willingly, after he realized that he had spent fourteen hours a day, every day, at that restaurant. He’d long since stopped loving it. He had sent every one of his brothers and sisters to college (whether they wanted to go or not) and spent his spare time over-seeing their lives. Today “David” has let go of responsibility for their lives; he’s much too busy with his own life. He’s attending one of the most prestigious colleges in the United States. He calls himself “possibly their oldest undergrad”. He loves his life.

Each of these people changed their lives by shifting their perspective. They realized that they were eating up the precious time allotted to them by agreeing with a negative mindset that didn’t originate with them. They chose to walk apart from the group think and to re-focus on what was important to them on an individual, personal level. They each set the Law of Manifestation to work for them by focusing on what they wanted to create in their lives. They raised their vibrational level through positive thoughts and actions and left behind the negative mass mindset. Their lives changed accordingly.