The Great Angelic Transmission

The Great Angelic Transmission and Your Life Purpose

    We’ve all had times in our lives when our work changes, and that happened recently for me. I was watching TED talks, a series of youtube videos featuring inspirational speakers, when it occurred to me that I might be due for change. I’m an expert Medical Intuitive and Energy Healer, and in my two and a half decades of this work I’ve helped thousands of people to heal both physically and emotionally; but lately I’ve been feeling the call to do more. My real life’s work has been acting as a Divine Channel for Angelic


energies. That includes shaping and healing other Intuitives, Healers, and Shaman so that they are more effective in the world. I’ve always seen it as creating or nurturing seeds that go out into the world to grow and create and to nurture others, an expanding circle of light. So I checked in with my Source and I asked the Angels what I could do to make that circle bigger or more effective. This time I asked a little differently; I said to them that I would do whatever it took to make this world better, to create stunning change that really would shift the balance in this world to Light.

The answer I received was both immediate and dramatic. I was given the most intricate and empowered Angelic Transmission I’ve ever seen or experienced . I have to call it the Great Angelic Transmission, because it’s like asking for a book and being given an entire library. A spinning vortex of light almost as large as our body, with arms that are seeds that grow into each energy center of the body and allow the physical body to take in Celestial Energy. Celestial Energy, the very same energy that Angels consume as their life energy. Energy that would usually be much too “hot” for those of us on this physical plane.

The Great Transmission made me dizzy for hours when I received it, and the changes that I’ve experienced since then just continue to unfold. I’ve had loads of physical energy and my creative energy and thought processes are off the charts. Situations that had seemed problematic simply resolved with a few decisions that were completely out of the box thinking.

I started using this Transmission on my clients. They all became dizzy as the Transmission went in, then their energy levels just soared day by day.Within two weeks they had experienced some amazing growth and changes.

They began to completely transform their work and their message. They redefined who they were and what they were bringing to the world, and this new definition was brilliant and resounded with their personal Truth.

I thought then that I needed to explore the qualities of the Transmission. I found some Millennial Generation sparks, young people who carried a bit of extra light and drive, who knew that they were supposed to change the world but lacked a focus for their drive. People who were beginning to doubt that they could create a better world. I gave them the Angelic Transmission. I found that they weren’t as initially dizzy as older recipients, but that they had waves of both dizziness and inspirational and creative thought. Again, their energy levels rose, as did their ability to problem solve and they all had what could only be described as Divine Inspiration. They now knew what they needed to do in the world and exactly how to do it. And they had the drive and the energy to do anything.

This is not about Religion. Every region in the world has stories of Angels. Hindu stories, Muslim stories, Christian stories, all contain Angels. And these are not passive Angels. They motivate and inspire us to create, to nurture, and to protect. They have been working with the balance of the world lately, and even for them it has been a challenge. And they are too few in numbers in contrast to the growing human population. This Great Transmission is their solution to the problem; create an army of Earth Angels who are invested in their substance with the same essence that Angels use to love and to create.

I have found that a person usually does have to be Thirty-Two or older to receive a Transmission, although there are exceptions. They have to be what I call a person with a bit of “extra soul”, someone who is here for far more than to just meet their own needs. A person who feels called to serve the world and to make it a better place. A person who loves unselfishly. It takes me an hour to fully invest the Great Transmission in adults over 40, and half an hour to invest the Transmission in adults under 40. I don’t know why that difference exists, but I do notice that the Transmission creates faster change in the older adults, probably because they have more internal resources. That may be why the Great Transmission takes longer to unfold. I charge my normal hourly rate, and half that rate for the Great Transmission for Millenials. Once is all that you ever need, and you should see results in two weeks.


Morgana Wyze

The Great Angelic Transmission (GAT) is a uniquely beautiful opportunity to realign and deepen your spiritual practice with angelic intention. It doesn’t matter what your age, religion, gender or profession are.
   Maureen, San Francisco Bay Area