The “Medical Medium” and other Medical Intuitives

Medical Intuitives have recently gathered new attention from Anthony William’s book Medical Medium. People who have read his book are quite naturally interested in a medical reading and the phone are ringing constantly for all other Medical Intuitives.

Here’s the thing that people aren’t understanding; not all medical intuitive s are Spirit Channels and not all Spirit Channels hear and interpret Spirit in the same way. It’s possible to be a Medical Intuitive by reading energy (as in the Myss method) and never hear the voice of Spirit. It’s also possible to experience Spirit as nudges rather than as authoritative dictates because the body is channeling Divine essence instead of a Spirit Guide.

Anthony William truly is different from other Medical Intuitives in that Spirit to him sounds like a loud, separate, and distinctive voice. He had Spirit come into his life when he was a very young child; to him Spirit is an authority figure who is infallible. He gives information according to the beliefs of his Spirit Guide. His Guide has a distinct personality, and is probably an enlightened Master more than pure Spirit. An Enlightened Master is a person who has transcended death and who has become a Bodhisattva, a servant of Spirit who has attained mastery and returns for the enlightenment of all mankind. They have a distinct personality and strong opinions and beliefs.

In contrast, Spirit came into my life when I was seventeen and had to relate to me in a way that an independent teenager could accept. My experience of Spirit is direction and suggestion, bringing my attention to the most crucial physical and spiritual matters. My gift is directed to heal the body as much or more than reading the body. I experienced Spirit as a Divine presence and an intense energy flow.

This flow can move muscle and bone even though my client might be thousands of miles away. It can create new tissue and bone and even create virtual organs that function as true organs. If there is not enough raw matter in the body to work with, such as a specific deficiency of bone or collagen then I’m directed to bring the raw energy of Creation down into their body to make this material.

Occasionally I’ll ask a specific energy of Spirit to enter my client’s body to heal it, such as Ra or an angel. I often ask an angel in to repair herniated discs or to help me run a charge through broken bones. Spirit often shows me the internal voice of my client, the thoughts and patterns that are creating the illness. With the permission of my client, I use Will to alter the beliefs and patterns from which their illness arises. I use the dissolving mature of Spirit to melt them away, and then I bring the pure energy of Creation in to fill the void. My client and I both guide that new energy into healthier patterns. This is a more physical manifestation of the energy of Spirit than Anthony Williams describes; neither are wrong and both are examples of spirit demonstrating in people’s lives.

William’s Spirit Guide has strong opinions. He believes that all eggs are bad, as an example. He also believes that dairy interferes with healing. He advocates eating more fruit and he states that Eipstein Barr virus is the root cause of many, many diseases. There’s nothing wrong with these statements in a book that’s meant for a wide audience. Williams has written a remarkable book and it’s helping thousands of people to heal.

The problems arise when people cherry pick his book for the words that they want to hear or think that universal advice that promotes wellness in a majority of people is meant for their individual body and health issues. As an example, I’m witnessing people who are replacing refined sugars in their diets with unlimited fruit. They are not eating a balanced diet of protein, fruit, and vegetables, which I am certain was Williams’ true intention to promote. They could potentially be creating cancer in their body or feeding existing Candida overgrowth. I’m equally horrified when I receive a new client who has been following a “Candida cleanse diet” and who has not eaten fruit in months, or a person with cancer whose diet doesn’t include long-chain sugars, polysaccharides . It’s not necessary to avoid fruit; it is necessary to see it as a sugar with various effects on the body.

I see many conditions in my healing practice which are helped with organic pasture raised eggs and goat milk products. It’s an individual issue; many of my other clients are dismayed to learn that they have an allergy to eggs or all dairy and need to eliminate them from their diet. There is never going to be a one-size-fits-all diet for everyone. My clients in Indonesia are going to require dietary spices and protein sources which are very different form my clients in Denmark or Sweden. My clients in the cold Northern countries who have traditionally eaten unpasteurized cow’s milk products (raised without hormones or antibiotics) thrive upon dairy products. Many of my clients worldwide live in conditions where eggs are the most available protein and they could not maintain their health by avoiding them. There is simply no one diet for the human race; we are many people and many races living in diverse climates.

I encourage anyone who is interested in health topics and Medical Intuitives to read Anthony William’s Medical Medium. He’s done a remarkable job of describing his unusual talent and life. He’s put down some very valuable information, the kind of information that nutritionists and other health practitioners have been teaching, and his readers are making healthy lifestyle changes from that information. It’s always wonderful to see people motivated and healing.