Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Session With Morgana Like?

Morgana channels Divine energy. Sessions are always by phone. You’ll feel different the morning of a session, a bit distracted because there is no real time or space and your session has already started. You will phone Morgana at the special session phone number she gives you; the intention of your asking for help opens the energy pathways. You may talk during the session, although almost immediately you’ll feel currents of energy running through your body and you may experience a meditative state or feeling of mental detachment. You can move if you wish to, and ask questions unless she informs you that she’ll be concentrating deeply into your body.

Morgana will request often that you breathe or that you visualize smoke releasing through your third eye as she changes belief systems in your body. When your energy finishes running, about an hour later, you’ll feel very light, and usually experience a state of quiet joy. You’ll notice physical shifts in your body and the absence of pain, and after a few days it’s common to find that situations which once bothered you before don’t affect you emotionally now at all.

Morgana is also a Certified Nutritional Counselor, and she often suggests nutritional supplements or dietary changes to help your body to heal. Sometimes Spirit gives her a piece of new information specifically intended for you. She can also create energy models of your body to “try out” any supplements or medicines that you might ask about. She uses this virtual model in your body to examine dosages and the effectiveness of supplements. You can hold supplements that you have questions about, or even touch a printed photo of the supplement bottle and she can test to ensure that this supplement will be a good investment and produce the results that you want. It’s good to have a pen and paper nearby to take notes. Because the information is channeled she often cannot recall the exact information afterwards, as it utilizes a different part of the brain. She does not send follow up emails with the nutritional information. Recording the session is allowed, although recordings tend to not work due to the energy waves. You will receive a better session through a land line or with a fully charged cell phone. If she hits a resistant energy block your call may be disconnected, as the wave energy will take on a higher frequency than your cell signal. Just phone back if that happens, it is a common occurrence. You should be hydrated before a session and have eaten recently.

The experience of sessions is just as powerful as if you were in the same room with Morgana. She will “see” into your body as if you were physically present. Most people feel physical and energetic shifts in your body as Morgana talks to you and guides you through the process. Sessions are very strong, your bones and muscles will move into alignment if they are out of place. You can’t be injured by Divine energy, only positive outcomes result from the energy flow. If you are releasing deep trauma then you will barely feel the emotions as they release. Morgana strips them out incredibly fast without drama or additional pain or discomfort. She is a vessel of Spirit and incapable of judging people or their past actions, so the nature of your trauma is never an issue. It simply does not matter if your issue is guilt from your own damage to others or their damage to you; the emotional energy is simply removed.

Some individuals need to own their process and learn how to heal their own body. Their sessions are quite different, as Morgana guides them to experience the energy states of their body and release the energies contained within. Intuition guides Morgana to know what is needed in each case. She loves to teach people how to manage and move their own energies.

Morgana can create new physical structures from energy, “virtual” bone or cartilage, even organs such as a virtual pancreas. She can also create new templates of thought or behavior, at your request, in your body. She will not remove memories but she can alter the emotional content so that the memories are neutral and unremarkable if you request this.

If you wish to learn about a situation or person, Morgana can read the character and motivation of any individual by hearing you repeat their name three times. Many businesses use her gifts to hire personnel or to screen for fraud or theft. She can also read future probabilities and create a “trend” to bend probabilities in the direction you wish for them to unfold.

Entity removal is simple for Morgana because she is a Divine channel. She can open portals to any dimension of spirit to remove ghosts or darker entities and return them to where they belong. She often uses astral parasites as tools to access deeply buried energy blocks before releasing the astral back to its’ own plane. She can also seal your system against psychic vampires and block astral access to people who might be draining energy from your body.

You may feel very “spacey” for up to an hour after your session or feel sleepy and need a nap to “reset” your system. You may also notice a continued state of absent-mindedness (not everyone experiences this) as your body-mind is busy making new internal connections. It is common to desire more sleep and it’s advisable to get more sleep for the next ten days, and drink more water as well, as your body continues to make energetic shifts. Energy shifts use physical energy, and it’s common for you to have a voracious appetite for several days and experience weight loss. Morgana works so quickly that it takes your body about ten days to finish the healing cycle.

Where Does This Gift Come From?

Morgana has always had psychic ability, even as a young child. She would see future events and often knew the thoughts and emotions of people around her. Her family has a history of psychic gifts and she was raised in a very supportive environment which allowed these talents to unfold.

Morgana also had a near-death experience when she was seventeen, and this seems to be a common factor in the life experiences of the world’s most well-known healers. After she integrated the energies from “the other side” (a process which took ten years) she developed psychokinetic abilities which seem designed to affect and heal human bioelectric fields.

Morgana is deeply spiritual, and in fact is an ordained minister. She works with whatever belief system her clients are most comfortable with. Morgana says that every imbalance or illness she has ever witnessed is accompanied by a blockage in the energy channels that connect an individual to the Divine Spirit. She works to clear those channels without imposing her own religious beliefs.

How Do I Make an Appointment With Morgana?

Morgana schedules several weeks or sometimes up to two months in advance. She says that her appointments are managed by Spirit so if someone is in immediate need, Morgana almost always has a schedule change which will accommodate them. Send Morgana a text to 1-530-271-2022 to schedule an appointment. You will receive a faster response by text than by phone. Due to the volume of messages received it may take several days before you hear back from her. Please be patient. If you don’t get a response back within a week please leave a second message or e-mail because technology isn’t infallible!

What Does a Session Cost?

Morgana charges $300 per appointment. Most sessions take only one hour. At this time, she takes credit cards and payments through Paypal as well as via check. All appointments need to be made, cancelled or changed by text at 530-271-2022. A deposit of $150 is required when you set your appointment, the balance is due the Monday before your appointment. Cancellation policy: 72 hours advance notice is required for cancellations or there is a $125 no-show fee unless your appointment time is filled from her wait list. She opens up your energy and works on you the night before, so if you cancel without sufficient notice she has already finished half the work. Acts of God (flood, fire, deaths, car accidents) waive the charge.