Holistic Services for Mind, Body, and Spirit


Mental and Emotional Healing

Leaving memories intact but removing emotional content. Opening blocked areas to allow full expression. Placing mental commands, by permission, into the body to change expressed beliefs and behavior. Releasing emotional pain of grief, loss, or abuse.


Medical Intuitive Reading

Looking deep into the bone, blood, organs and energy of the body to read the health of the body and to discover the root causes of illness down to the DNA level. Finding the actual root cause of multiple symptoms.


Physical Healing

The use of formed energy to reinforce bones and other physical structures in the body. Reinforcement of vital energies. Draining energy from infections. Influencing genetic material to benign expressions. Releasing new and old injuries and relieving pain. Reversal of chronic pain and illness. Reconstruction of damaged tissue and bone with energy constructions.


Post Traumatic Stress Release

Release of the emotions attached to memories. Release of deep psychological trauma. Release of toxic patterns and tension. Placement of new positive emotions and thought patterns.


Entity and Interference Removal

Removal of any and all ghosts, astral entities and other plane influences and setting boundaries both in the person and in physical locations. Removing all interfering energies, cords, influences and commands from the energy body and setting boundaries against further interference. Removal of bad intentions, malignant energy attachments and reversal of ill wishes.


Energy Templates

Permanent patterns of energy that create a new trend. Trends can be the wearing down of an unwanted behavioral pattern or blockage, the enhancement of success or health or other people’s perceptions of intelligence or abilities. Templates can increase concentration and mental or physical abilities. Templates can also change patterns of chronic pain and stress and give the body a new coping mechanism.


Spiritual Development

Purification of the soul body and personal energies. Removal of energy blocks and past life trauma so that spiritual energies can rise and express as psychic gifts. Teaching and grounding those with spiritual expression so that the gifts become a blessing and not an obstacle in life.


Business Advice

Reading the trends around business decisions to make the best possible decision and to make or save more money. Reading of personnel prior to hiring to find the best fit for the business or department. Finding theft and dishonesty. Prevention of fraud and or theft.


Relationship Counseling

Revelation of a person’s true character and intentions. Healing emotional scars and patterns that prevent or hinder lasting relationships. Positive commands set into the unconscious mind to create lasting relationships.