My Client Success Stories


Below are some of the wonderful things clients have said about Morgana after one or more spiritual healings:

I wish I could express in words just how gifted Morgana is. I’ve never experienced anything like it in my life. I’ve had debilitating health issues for years, and within minutes of my first session Morgana was able to clearly identify exactly what was causing my symptoms. I knew then that I had finally found what I had been searching for. Immediately after our session I felt completely different, as if a massive weight had been lifted from me. There have been huge shifts in the dynamics of certain relationships in my life, and I am no longer affected by things that used to upset me.

I’m just in awe of Morgana. She is absolutely accurate in everything she says, somehow, she just knows. She is incredibly kind and compassionate. It’s clear that she is genuinely invested in her clients, and she really goes above and beyond. There is something very magical about her. I can’t believe that someone with her gift and ability is even real, but I am so happy that she is!

Booking a session with Morgana is the greatest gift you could ever give yourself. She’s phenomenal.

~ C.L., Bristol, UK   

I was diagnosed with cervical cancer. I still wanted children, so I had a second opinion, and then a third. I was scheduled for surgery, and in the interval I saw Morgana three times. They opened me up in surgery and there wasn’t a trace of the tumor left!

Thanks Morgana.

~ C.H., San Francisco, California

Dear Morgana,

Thank you so much for healing my knees! I just ran the Napa Silverado Trail half marathon in under 2 hours with no knee pain. You are amazing! Thank you again! Much love to you,

~ K.L. San Mateo, California

Morgana, I just want to tell the world about you! I don’t, please forgive me, because you’re so busy that it’s hard to get in to see you. You have healed my whole family and transformed my life! No more depression or pain and I have so much energy I hardly know what to do with it. I am sending my sister, she knows she has to wait to get in. Love you!!!

~ D.M. Orlando Florida

My lower back pain is gone after one session with Morgana. Frankly, I was surprised. I’d had physical therapy and everything else.

~ A.M., San Jose, California

Working with Morgana I have found the parts of myself that had remained behind. Now I am whole, complete and joyful. Morgana sees what I am to afraid to see about myself. She helps me to release the pain so I can live a loving, joyful and exciting life.

~ L.T., Fremont, California

I had terrible migraine headaches every week. They were ruining my life. Morgana healed the headaches and also all of my past emotional abuse. I’m starting a new career and have just married a wonderful man. All of this was just impossible to the person I used to be.

~ R.H., Cascade, Idaho

I have had a continuing sciatica condition for 12 years which is now in remission. This had been a chronic limiting situation resistant to other therapies. I have found Morgana’s approach to be unique – she has healed my back on the physical level and also addressed the emotional content associated with it. Having resolved the emotions I do not expect the physical problem to return.

~ M.K., Sunnyvale, California

Since I started seeing Morgana my life has taken a complete change. My lifestyle started changing after the third visit. I was no longer in a “poverty mode”. I was regaining my energy level to capture the riches that we create for ourselves. Thanks to Morgana.

~ C.C., Danville, California

When I first read an e-mail from Morgana my body grew hot and my arthritis stopped hurting. I knew right then that this was going to work. I now swim, golf, and climb stairs without any pain at all.

~ M.S., Orlando, Florida

I’ve sent everyone I know to her. She’s a miracle worker. They’ve sent everyone they know. Now I just wish she wasn’t so popular. It can take a while to get an appointment. Anyway, thanks Morgana.

~ E.M., Flagstaff, Arizona

I was just about dead. There were so many things wrong with me they’re beyond counting. I knew I needed to change my diet and health habits but I couldn’t do it. Morgana- well I don’t know for certain what she did or said but when she said to do something I did it easily. I was surprised when I found myself exercising every day. Eating vegetables I usually avoided. Taking vitamins. I stopped smoking after our first talk, and to this day I don’t know how or why I did it. I didn’t want sugar any more. I sent my sister to her and my sister’s tumor shrank from a melon to a walnut. This is nuts but it works!

~ L.B., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The Great Angelic Transmission (GAT) is a uniquely beautiful opportunity to realign and deepen your spiritual practice with angelic intention. It doesn’t matter what your age, religion, gender or profession are. The GAT is for everyone who is open to Divine Inspiration. The results are pragmatic, powerful, uplifting and graceful.

The Transmission itself was somewhat dizzying, and I could really feel the angelic energy taking hold. It was humbling, challenging and beautifully, wildly gnostic. I felt deeply connected to the elements, to my humanity and to my personal magic. In fact, it felt like the Transmission was a deep recognition of my magic, as well as a huge boost to it. I’ve never been into the angel trend, but having worked with Morgana before I knew that what she was offering was a valuable opportunity. I’d been very, very ill some months before I did the GAT, and still hadn’t recovered my usual high energy level or excitement about life.

Well, the GAT sure took care of that!

Now, many of the interactions I have with others are mutually beneficial and have a sparkle and flow to them. The interactions themselves have an effervescent quality, as if spirit gives them a specific energy marker so that I pay more attention, and I do. I have also been able to rise to serious, unexpected challenges and galvanize others in a collaborative, inclusive manner.

The immediate results I experienced were:

  • Renewed energy, joy and vitality
  • My chronic and sometimes debilitating back pain improved by 95%
  • I am more consciously partnered with Spirit and this awareness is consistent
  • My spiritual satisfaction has greatly increased
  • My job search was almost immediately and painlessly ended by finding the perfect position
  • Solutions to problems – from niggling to serious – are easily found
  • My community work shifted dramatically in scope and need. I immediately became a new and integral part of a team that has a legal responsibility which impacts the quality of life of many thousands of people.

I’m almost effortlessly attracting the assistance that is needed to help others, and traverse some delicate, difficult avenues with honesty, diplomacy and aplomb. This has resulted in alliances that really *can* continue to help thousands of people in my community. On a personal level, I also am enjoying new clients and friendships and deeper relationships. My individual magic has been forever changed by the loveliest, richly blossoming Great Angelic Transmission. Getting the GAT is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and is more than worth the price!

~ Maureen, San Francisco Bay Area

I’ve never been able to talk about this to a soul. Ten years ago I was driving. My daughter died in a car accident. I never recovered, I kept seeing her in my arms and all of the blood. I lost my marriage and I was a functional alcoholic. I was just about to kill myself, and as my last resort my friend sent me to Morgana. In one hour she changed my life. I will always have the memory but it doesn’t hurt now. I can remember the wonderful times with my child. I can laugh again and I don’t need a drink. I’m continuing to work with Morgana and my life is still changing in wonderful ways.

~ Mary M., Chicago

I am conversant with healing through energy. The power and beauty of this gift from Heaven through Morgana is incredible. I feel extraordinarily different. This is a significant change in my life.

~ Esmee D., Paris France

Sincere thanks to Morgana for saving my life and for being the only healer, out or eight healers, to diagnose this condition.
For approximately 8 years before speaking to Morgana, I experienced chronic inflamed sores that were extremely painful, burning, stinging, on my face, ears, neck, arms and legs. These sores were circular, red, with a hole in the middle, with brown, black & red fibers coming out of them. I thought these sores were from oak leaf splinters, since in my garden there were many oak trees. I labelled theses sores as splinters from oak trees. Morgana said these sores are a symptom of a rare black mold fungal disease called Morgellons disease.
 This disease has ravaged my body for over a decade or more. My symptoms were: breathlessness at rest and movement, fatigue that made me bed bound for several years, compromised immune system, failing thyroid, failing adrenals, brain fog, short term memory loss, electric shocks going through my brain, arms, legs and feet. I had extreme weight loss due to malabsorption of nutrients.The sores were constantly becoming infected and I was dressing wounds for over 8 years, sometimes 20 at a time.
 My illness came to a climax in  2013 when I went from 118 lbs to 96 lbs. I collapsed in a grocery store with electric shocks going through my body and went to the emergency room where I was diagnosed with under-active thyroid with possible low sodium/potassium and was sent home. I contacted a homeopath who helped somewhat but did not understand see what was wrong with me. 

In 2014, I felt my body was becoming weaker and weaker I didn’t know who to turn to. One night I turned to God an asked him to find someone that could help me because I knew I was dying. The following day I searched the web and found Morgana. I called her on a Sunday in a feeble voice and she called me back immediately. She said in over 25 years of dealing with clients she has never contacted a client on a Sunday. Morgana said the angels told her this was urgent. I remember her telling me she had a very short window to turn this around.

My body was so weak the only thing Morgana could do was send energy into my body for several months. She was unable to give me supplements because my body could not  handle them. Even after my first session  with Morgana I felt hope and new energy was circulating in my body. Morgana mentioned if I did not contact her when I did I would have died due to all the energy in my body being depleted. After my energy flow improved she recommended supplements, that were tailored to my body’s specific needs. Morgana constantly monitors my progress on a twice monthly basis. 
What I appreciate about Morgana is her confidence to heal this disease. She offers support, encouragement and hope. I also believe Morgana sees things about the human body that other healers do not see. She mentioned that you must release emotional blockages from the body, in order for complete healing to occur. With this disease a person needs constant supervision and monitoring because it can and will kill you.
As of today I am now cured of Morgellons thanks to Morgana. I feel like I’ve been reborn. I take nothing for granted, the wind blowing through the trees, scent of flowers, people in my life. I have my life back. I’m no longer breathless, I am able to walk a few miles each day, exercise, cook, clean, get out of bed, go shopping, etc.
If you believe you have  this disease and have lost hope because neither the CDC or the medical profession are helping you and you feel abandoned, contact Morgana.
There is a bright shining light at the end of the tunnel.
~ D.R.  ,Yuba City CA