Medical Intuitive, Medical Medium, Divine Energy Healer Morgana Wyze

best3Hello, my name is Morgana. I have a God given gift for healing people, a gift for Divine service  which I am very grateful for. I’m a Medical Intuitive, Divine Channel (what some call a Medical Medium) and Distance Healer. My clientele is international. In the past 30+ years I’ve helped Olympic athletes, movie and television stars,  people from all walks of life, and likely some of your co-workers, friends and neighbors. I’ve worked with University sports programs and medical doctors and dentists. I’m called the “psychic to psychics” because my client base includes many other energy healers and psychics who come for energy re-balancing.  Please browse my web site. You’ll discover how my gift helps many people experience health through Divine Healing and hopefully you’ll discover how I can help you to greater clarity and health.

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ABOUT: I’m a Medical Intuitive and a Divine Channel; my energies come from God.  After a near-death experience when I was seventeen, my ability to use psychic gifts and to channel Divine energies are a direct result of my passage to Heaven and then my return. When my gift first showed itself, it was as a psychokinetic energy field which my body naturally generates. As well as psychokinesis I was also given the gifts of psychometry, clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience. I didn’t know what to do with all of this information for a long while. It took me years to learn to use  to use these gifts; after a decade of daily and constant use I started my healing practice as Alternative Healing (there was no need to be original in those days, even the internet was new) in 1986, re-naming it to Spiritual Medicine in 1994.

 I felt compelled to place my hands on people around me who were injured or ill. It was as if their bodies were transparent where illness was present, and I was able to look through their body and perceive the root cause of their illness. When I had their permission to touch them, my hands would grow hot and seem to sink right into their flesh. Amazingly, tumors shrank, pain faded away, or chronic injury healed itself. Gradually I learned how to use the energy to affect healing of both emotions and illness. I’m very grateful for the gift and for the wonderful people I’ve come to know through it.

These days as I work as a Medical Intuitive I don’t need to touch someone to affect them, in fact the energy is too strong to use in person except for to a group of people. I speak to my clients over the phone and they experience waves of strong, positive, Divine energy. They can be across the world; distance has no affect on the energy. It’s as if we are one joyous person. Illness and limitations dissolve into the higher energy state of unlimited spirit. Their bodies are as transparent as glass, and every viral and bacterial infection shows up clearly. The messages that cause illness or distortion in their lives speak to me and it’s  a simple process to re-write those messages. It’s an amazing experience for both me and for my client, as we both experience the high vibration energies.358508-20150920

How it Works

  I use my skills to help the body to heal chronic injury and illness. I re-program the unconscious mind for an optimal life path and I help people to discover their clear purpose and right livelihood.

I help people to manifest love and remove blockages to love, and also any blocks to success they might have. I reconcile inherited energies that are working at cross purposes and put more positive goals and direction into the body.  I remove ghosts and entities  that are causing pain and energy loss. I clean the energies of other psychics and shamans, as my alignment is with Divine and cannot harm, only heal.  I do business consultations where I can read the energies of decisions and of potential hires, weed out theft and deception and improve the careers and choices for both personal and corporate goals.


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Contact Information

For more healing information, or for any questions you may have, feel free to send a message to You may schedule an appointment by leaving a text message at 530-271-2022. Sessions are $295 and are an hour.






Morgana Wyze is a Medical Intuitive, not a medical doctor and does not diagnose or prescribe. She works with those individuals who have already received conventional medical treatment and will often suggest a visit back to the primary care physician or other medical specialists. Energy healing does not replace conventional medicine but can be a useful supplement to medical treatment.

This is not a replacement for medical treatment for serious emotional disorders, nor is it recommended for substance abuse issues.

Testimonials from clients who have attributed physical recovery to Morgana may be found on this web site. You may or may not experience similar dramatic improvement. The data and methodology on energetic healing are far from complete.

Morgana Wyze is a medical intuitive and an ordained minister; this is considered spiritual healing.