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The key to making money in business is making great decisions

Have you ever wished that you had an inside track in business? Perhaps wondered which person to trust with your money, or which person to hire? Wondered why the other person received the promotion instead of you?

You might be surprised to learn that many professional, small business owners and corporations use business psychics. Because it works; it gives them a secret edge to making great decisions. And great decisions require sound information, information that isn’t always available through normal channels.

As an example, one of Morgana’s clients wanted to be promoted to the next rung of his corporate structure, but he wasn’t perceived by the people around him as executive material. His boss’s superior had a favorite to eventually promote, and it wasn’t him.  Morgana told him the time frame when his supervisor would be leaving the company. She steered him through a series of decisions, projects and emails that brought him increased visibility. She wrote messages into his aura so that people liked him more and gave him more positive notice. She helped him to manifest situations that increased his credibility and goodwill. When his supervisor did leave within the time that she had predicted, her client was the automatic choice to be promoted to that position.

Another  client who owned a very successful small (5 million) business was tired of running the administrative side of his business. He wanted to return to the creative aspects that he loved about his work. So without consulting Morgana as he usually did, he brought in a new financial officer. He also hired an independent financial adviser.

Morgana was extremely uncomfortable with his choices. She stated that these were not honest men and that she suspected that they knew each other and were in collusion to take advantage of him. Despite Morgana’s protests he gave his CFO check writing privileges. She was absolutely horrified, and tried to explain to him that without a team of accountants and an outside auditor that this was a terrible idea. Her client was exhausted from the undesired part of his work load and he refused to take back his check book. Within a year the new CFO stole 3.5 million dollars and sequestered it into unbreakable trust funds. The client learned during the ensuing investigation that his CFO and his financial adviser were, in fact, partners in crime.

Corporations often use her services to screen for new personnel. Just by hearing their full name repeated three times, Morgana can describe the habits and character of a potential employee. She can tell if that person has drug issues or personal problems that  would compromise their ability to fulfill their new position. She can give a three year window on their performance and inform if they will stay with the company.

Other corporations and small businesses use her expertise to decide on major equipment investments. She doesn’t have to know the technical aspects, she looks at the probabilities that the equipment will perform as expected and how trouble-prone it might be. She’s warned companies several times that they would be better off waiting six months for a new model that their vendor was not informing them about which would have superior performance.

In an expanding international corporate culture, knowing when and where it’s safe to invest can be the competitive advantage you need.