Energy Templates

Medical Intuitive Readings

What if, painlessly, you could have a complete reading of your body’s health to a level that modern medical science has not yet advanced?

And have everything examined; blood values, dangerous micro organisms, viral and bacterial infections and parasites, and cancer pre-screening, or anything and everything else that might be life threatening, at a level that mechanical devices can’t yet determine. What if plaque and inflammation could be instantly measured and a dietary solution given to you , in advance, preventing the need for invasive surgery and potentially toxic medications? And in the comfort of your own home or business via phone?

This service is exactly what a medical intuitive performs; and more.

What if you could have an early warning for atherosclerosis, a heart murmur or a hereditary genetic weakness? And then receive a complete personalized blueprint for your best actions to stay healthy? Or receive an energetic template that could change your DNA expression so that a weakness would be a subset that never becomes dominate and expresses? Often people have an unconscious “drop dead date” embedded into their system. This is usually based upon a parent’s health history and doesn’t actually reflect their own healthier habits. Changing that subconscious pattern can dramatically improve a pattern of poor health and add many healthy years to your lifespan.

It’s true; you can suppress malignant epigenetic expressions through energetic and dietary modulation of your genetic expression.

Wouldn’t you prefer to have a complete mapping of your organ health so that you could possibly prevent a heart bypass operation, or a gall bladder removal? Receive a few simple dietary changes specific to your own unique body chemistry which might extend your life expectancy ten, twenty, even perhaps thirty years longer? A medical intuitive examines your entire system instead of the individual parts. Your body instantly “red flags” life threatening issues when your energy is being read. Your body is an intelligent system. If there is a chance of improving that system your body is signaling the needed changes. You often have a sense that there is something wrong even when lab tests are normal or inconclusive. Sometimes a deeper look can reveal the hidden problem. A medical reading is less expensive than a single blood test, and can provide information that is useful to both you and to your health professional.

Disclaimer: This unique service is not considered an alternative to your conventional medical practitioner’s care, but as complimentary advice and information.