Entity and Interference Removal

Entity and Interference Removal, Psychic Vampires

What if there was something unseen, yet potentially deadly, in your environment?  Some danger that is almost as common as harmful bacteria and viral contagion and yet rarely recognized?

It’s just a simple truth that there is more in this world than we can ever know. Nature fills every ecological niche, small to large and everything in between. Wherever there is a favorable environment which an organism can feed itself, life will flourish there.

From pre-recorded history the human race has believed that unseen spirits dwell with us in this world and sometimes prey upon us. And, up to a point, that belief has some validity.

This is not the ghost or “demon” of Hollywood, a horror genre that is exponentially overblown to entertain us with chills and thrills. These are not the “demons” or “devils” described in religion as physical entities that can manifest visibly. There are unseen predators in your world that can affect you, true. But, there is no reason to fear this unseen world. Unless you are particularly vulnerable person this unseen world usually manifests as relatively mild parasites. They are simply opportunistic organisms that feed. It’s in their best interest not to kill their host. They are a nuisance that can cause fatigue and some physical pain. You’ve almost certainly had hundreds of unseen astral parasite attachments in your lifetime already, and almost always when they have fed they wander off to greener pastures. You’ve probably also had a few spectral fragments attach to your body to get energy, and except for neck and/or back pain and fatigue you probably never noticed them.

Even when they present a more serious or even life threatening concern, this is usually accidental. Most spectral attachments are fragments of the soul body. They’re a bit draining and cause a bit of physical pain, but you’d have to have several of them attached to your body before they were significant. The more serious issues with ghosts come from the newly dead. A recently deceased spirit who doesn’t know how to move on might push their way into the nearest warm body. This is relatively common now because with the dearth of ceremonial belief in society many people don’t have an end destination when they die. They simply stay, and move towards the brightest and warmest light nearby. Once they’ve pushed their way onto a physical body they try to enter that body as if it were their own. This can cause some neurological distortions such as seizures. More often, they project the cause of their death, such as a heart attack, onto the body and create a heart event in their host. Or they draw so much energy to maintain their own structure that their host becomes ill.

Luckily these remnants are usually easy to remove from the host body, especially if their arrival there is recent. If they’ve really settled in, they sometimes have to be pried off. Once they’re off the host body then it’s just a matter of finding their matching energy vibration on the other side and opening a portal to connect them. They are drawn into the matching vibration, usually a formless void where they can examine and release their life issues to refine their vibration to a higher level. We can call it “purgatory”, but really it’s just a place of rest and respite where they have no energy needs to fulfill.

You can see that ghosts and astral parasites are usually not a serious problem.

You might spend a small fortune on chiropractic treatment and massage therapists in an attempt to release physical pain, but your life is not in danger. It is less expensive to have them removed energetically than to visit services that give temporary respite because the real problem is not being addressed. Religious belief on your part has no more effect upon them than it would have upon a common flea infestation.

More serious problems from the unseen world come from entities that have become detached from their native plane and have to feed to survive in this plane.

Some of these are “Class 1 Entities”, entities who have killed while feeding and will kill again. They are relatively uncommon. Your chances of being harmed by a Class 1 Entity are about the same as being harmed by local and dangerous wildlife or street thugs. Fairly small, depending upon your environment.

There are also Class 1 Entities native to this world, usually bound to a physical location, who have adapted to humans as their natural prey. These are more common, and their presence is marked by a cluster of suicides or cancer cases. These predators often have a gender preference. I do refer to these as “demons” or “blood demons” because that is their historical name. They do not physically manifest, have no relation that I’ve ever discovered to any religion, and are not by their nature particularly terrifying. They are just a low vibration and rather vile predator with great natural camouflage.

It is more challenging to detect and remove a Class I Entity, but it can be done. Any extremely high vibration energy that is directed with intense purpose can remove them. Parasites that are derived from other planes can be banished back to their origin. Land based demons can be purged with great effort. There is always some damage to the host who has been partially eaten, but eventually with care they can recover. The victim will usually bear Auric scars for the rest of their lifetime and have some permanent loss of vitality, but many viral and bacterial infections can cause more damage than an entity.

The honest truth is that the most common energetic interference that could damage your health comes from people who you know.

They might be a self-acknowledged “psychic vampire”, a relative who unconsciously believes that you owe them energy, or even a sick friend. These people will consciously or unconsciously attach a cord to your energy body and draw energy from you to feed them. If this were all that they were doing it would be bad enough, but energy is similar to an algebraic equation; both sides of the equation must balance. If they are drawing your healthy energy them they must deposit unwanted energy of their own. This energy is usually dark and unhealthy and can create some difficult energy blocks in your body. Nurturing people often have multiple cords attached , and all cords are attached to the back of their body because no one in their right mind would allow these attachments.

These attachments are common as dirt; the only people who don’t ever have them are people who habitually take from others, the real vampires. Because their own energy is so dark and dirty that other people don’t want it. These psychic vampires cloak themselves with their victim’s lighter energy. Everyone likes their own energy, so the victims are attracted to their predator. This is the basis for many predatory relationships.

More often we’ll find an elderly parent sustaining themselves upon the life energy of their adult children or upon a particularly giving child. It’s common to find that the elder has more vital energy than the younger relative that they are draining.  Minor children are rarely at risk. It’s almost impossible to draw energy from a minor child under the age of thirteen; their energy body is too immature to feed another person.

These cords are common, and they are dangerous.

The lack of vital energy makes your system more vulnerable to cancer, infections, and degenerative disease. You’re much more likely to suffer from chronic pain or a sleep disorder. Your back or neck might be out of alignment and painful just from sleeping, because the sleep state offers the most opportunity to these psychic drainers. You are much more likely to injure yourself or have a car accident when you are being “corded” because your balance and coordination are compromised.

It’s not easy to discourage a person who is chronically placing cords upon you. If they are a relative, then the project is especially difficult. They have to be blocked on every energy level including the astral plane. You have to learn techniques to sense and to remove their cords. Often you must have layers of protective boundaries and glyphs placed into your aura to prevent further cording. It is possible, though, to stop their access. The benefit of having all of your quality of life again is immeasurably positive and worth the effort.