Mental and Emotional Healing

Emotional Healing

Emotional stress can take the form of feeling “stuck” in your life, where nothing is moving forward for you. It could also manifest as a feeling of blockage around career or life goals which you experience as frustration or anger. Emotional stress can also be experienced as a deep sense of inner confusion around appropriate life choices; the inability to see what you want in your life and no clear direction on how to get what you think you do want.

Morgana realized that the issues of the past are held only because they are influencing the choices and emotional reactions of today. When those choices are realized at a “gut level” which has little or nothing to do with linear thinking, everything releases and shifts. The subconscious mind is always asking “why” something happened. When the emotional content is released the entire body/mind releases the issue and it ceases to have importance or impact on today.

These are all signs and symptoms of internal growth! Perhaps you’re breaking through prior limitations and you could use some help getting started. You might be coming up against an internalized childhood belief that doesn’t work in your adult reality and holds you back from a fulfilling life. You might be reacting to subtle abuse in your environment, and wonder why it feels so bad when it’s supposed to be good.

Some people experience a life meltdown during profound changes such as divorce or death of a loved one. It can take a lot of resources to deal with all of the emotional material which comes up with this stress. You may have financial troubles or dissatisfaction with a normally goo

d marriage or career. You may look at your entire life and realize that you didn’t consciously create it, that it simply “happened” and it doesn’t reflect the real you.

Others experience unusual changes and energy after beginning a meditation or other spiritual practice. This new energy can stir up old energy from the subconscious mind and give it new power in your life. The increased energy may also affect the energy centers of the body in an une

ven way and create emotional imbalance.

Your healing path depends upon your personality and upon the agreements you’ve made on an inner level. Many people plan to keep growing until their lives are entirely whole and old childho

od scars are healed. Others are simply making large changes and need a little perspective and extra energy. Still other wish to experience the world as an abundant, unlimited place and they’re looking for an energy model to grow into.

The energy which Morgana channels can aid in these goals, either by your experience of higher energy states or through the wisdom of Spirit which can give you direction and empower your healing process.