Energetic Physical Healing

Energetic Physical Healing

Numerous scientific studies and Kirlian photography have demonstrated that there is a physical phenomena taking place during energetic healing. Studies against a control group have shown that bioelectric fields generated by an energetic healer positively influence the health of plants, animals, and humans. These energy fields are not affected by distance and have been transferred to test subjects with water treated by energetic healers.

Studies of hospital patients receiving energetic healing have shown that the energy is intelligent, it affects in a positive way any areas of the body which are functioning poorly. Energetic healing has not been shown to have any adverse physical effects.

Morgana’s clients often come to her with persistent physical conditions such as a frozen shoulder or a a tight groin. These conditions may have lasted for years or might be a recent injury. Some of these conditions are so chronic as to cause complete loss of use of their arms or legs, other conditions are less severe but still create daily pain.Morgana perceives these chronic pain conditions as energy blockages. The root cause of these chronic conditions is an energy blockage to this area. This blockage might be because old energy has not been cleared, or most often the energy doesn’t belong in the system and comes from a foreign source. In most cases she uses psychic surgery to clear and clean out the blockages. The result is extraordinary relief from long term pain.

In other cases the body has an injury from an accident, such as whiplash. When this remains as an injury without healing, the core issue is that to the body the injury is still happening. The body is locked in time and hasn’t processed that the accident is in the past. It doesn’t matter how much chiropractic or other care is undertaken, the body will continuously revert back to the injured condition until the trauma is released from the subconscious mind and the body is free to return to the present moment. Morgana has the ability to quickly release the trauma and to create a sensation of safety in the body so that these old injuries can heal.

Testimonials from clients who have attributed physical recovery to Morgana may be found on this web site. You may or may not experience similar dramatic improvement. The data and methodology on energetic healing are far from complete. Morgana does not attribute healing to herself, she states that she is simply a channel for Spirit and that you are the Healer. She does not decide the length of treatment and leaves it to Spirit to choose what form the treatment will take. You will determine the length of treatment for yourself, as Morgana believes it would be presumptuous of her to dictate.