Spiritual Development

Spiritual Development

A few of my clients have been with me for more than a decade. They are using the Divine energy I channel to refine their spiritual body and move towards enlightenment.

I’ve always found that the term “enlightenment” is greatly misunderstood. Yes, there are moments when your consciousness does become one with the universe. I’ve had four experiences like that, and they were illuminating and life-changing. But we can’t walk around on this Earth with an expanded consciousness and also deal with the mundane aspects of life.

True and functional enlightenment is the release of limiting patterns, belief systems, and emotional burdens. It’s cleaning up all of our negative past life energy so that we can function on a higher level. It’s a special clarity, wisdom, and lack of baggage that brings serene joy and a “lightness of being” into all of our life and our interpersonal interactions. That is enlightenment.

It’s a slow process with a lot of clean-up and redirection of thoughts and energies. It’s also worth every effort because there is nothing more powerful in this life than the transcendence of suffering into joy. This is the true self-improvement and our lives reflect that effort with better mental and physical health. Our lives unfold with purpose and order, right action and right livelihood. We love life and the people in our life and we are loved in return.

It is possible to develop psychic talents. I have the ability to copy my psychic gifts into others through Reiki transmissions. It’s the reason I rarely teach and transmit Reiki; I discovered through the years that the psychic talents often transfer and not everyone can handle the energies or the extra information. I have every psychic gift, and it is often the entire ability set which transfers. It takes a very grounded, well balanced, and patient individual to successfully master psychic abilities without schizophrenia or neurosis developing. It also take commitment to put in the constant hard work to master the talents and make them a useful tool. I carefully screen people who make this request, and it’s rare that I find someone stable enough for all psychic gifts. The psychokinesis alone can make life unbearable without training on how to dial it up or down in intensity. Empathic abilities can be miserable in a crowded urban environment.

I often have a client who wishes to develop a smaller psychic talent and to put it towards a particular purpose. They want to be able to talk to spirit guides. Or they want a single gift, such as clairvoyance. Or they desire the gift of empathy to use in counseling or healing. This is much easier to transfer and for the client to manage. I still insist that they have a monthly session to correct energy pathways and to train them to use energy from outside their body. Most people make the mistake of using their own physical energy for psychic skills. This is a grave mistake, and the proper gathering and use of energy has to be learned early to avoid illness and harm from the use of psychic energies.

Ego aggrandizement is inevitable with the rise of spiritual energies, it’s part of the purification process. It’s common for an individual to become stuck in the “high ego” phase and destroy relationships with others, even their own marriage, if they aren’t carefully guided through this passage. It’s a fairly long passage and it can cause some embarrassing material when it’s reviewed after it’s all over. When the ego is finally wedded to the Divine self this passage ends and the spiritual gifts become useful.

If you feel a pull towards gifts of the spirit, you have to recognize and embrace that these are gifts of service. They are given so that you can love all beings and serve the Divine. They come with a price; discipline, devotion, and service.